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Is This Thing On?

Hello.  It's me.  The Ghost of Bloggers Past.  I'm dusting off the ole hyperlink to talk about the Bachelorette.  I haven't watched a full episode since 2018 or 2019 because I just couldn't get into it.  I love messy drama but once you read a spoiler that a guy named Jed wins over a hunk like Tyler C, you've gotta take a break.  Did I lurk on the internet and still see what was going on in Bachelor Nation? Of course. I'm a human with a heart beat.  It just was a bummer watching the stars of the show say they had waited their whole life to find love, and then when their age popped up as 22, it was enough to make this couch troll yell, "YOU DONT EVEN KNOW WHATS COMING YOUR WAY BABY GIRL!" I think it's pretty clear based on that imagery that quarantine has been going very well for me.  Honestly finding your #1 boo for life is a struggle for people at any age, but the seasons where the contestants had a little extra history, a little more baggage, thos

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