Remember that time....

Funny Story for you.

I was talking to my friend Fran about how Farmville, VA (the place where I went to school) opened a second bar. Which is epic. Mainly because it's a Buffalo Wild Wings. Fran then replied to me (warning expletives ahead):


My first thought was "Me too Fran...meeee tooo." So I thought I would copy that statement and put it as my gchat status. So I copied it but just decided against pasting it anywhere. I continued about my day and worked on an excel spreadsheet for my boss.

After I sent it to him he called me and asked me if we could go over the spreadsheet. I said sure thing. I walk in and he casually asked me " This looks good but what's this column?"

To my horror there it is in cell 39 column D: "WHAT THE FUCK, I FUCKING LOVE WINGS." There was literally no way AT ALL that I could talk myself out of that. So after my boss asked if he could delete which I replied "Um yes," I blacked out from embarrassment. I went and sat at my desk vowing to tell no one of what I had done.

Then as I got to thinking about it I realized it was a pretty funny story...

Later that day I apologized again to my boss who replied "I mean some people just really like wings."

Which got me to thinking...he probably thinks that I have subliminally been trying to tell him that I love wings. So much in fact that if I am to receive any type of bonus, gift, etc. it should only be in the form of chicken wings.

As he left for the evening he said "Have a good weekend Ashley. Enjoy some effing wings." And my things weren't packed in boxes when I came in this morning so I think I'm safe. But let me be the example to everyone to thoroughly check your work...even if you do fucking love wings.


  1. OMG! This would happen to you. Can't stop laughing thinking what would have happened if you did this at your previous job. The treadmill would have been installed in your cube before you arrived the next morning.

  2. This just improved my year 1 thousand-fold. It is now the year 2013.

  3. Hysterical!!! ~Rachel

  4. This is awesome!!! I just found you from Camp Patton and am hysterically laughing with tears and I might have even snorted. Thank you for making my day with this story.


  5. haha that is great! Thanks for blogging I love ready your blog because I laugh so much! :)

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