A little mouse update for you all. He's still here. I thought he was gone. I hadn't seen him for days and then yesterday home boy peeked his little self out and chilled on the car port for a good 2 hours. Just literally hung out in the snow like it was no big deal.

Last week when we found him I thought he was pretty harmless. He still scared me every time I saw his mouse mug scurrying across our driveway but I dealt with him. Sometimes I'd even sing him this little diddy. Now when I see him I sing him this.

Also the mystery of Gary Potential Glasseye has been solved. After voicing my concerns to my grandma who dealt with him as well she confirmed that much like her cousin who once was a jockey, the mouse trap maverick himself did in fact have a glass eye. This then proceeded to lead me back down the road of imagination with this little guy as the star:

I promise to keep you up to date as this problem continues. I'm letting you all know right now that should my front yard turn into this scene I'm leaving the state of Virginia. 



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