DJ Jazzy Jones-- I immediately regret this blog title...

I've been working on making this blog lay out a little more jazzy. I've tried a couple different lay outs and I feel like this one is a keeper. OR IS IT?! Let me know if you have any suggestions on fun sites, ideas, etc.

I also would like to point your attention to the new header. By no means did I pick out the cutest pictures from my childhood. Those selected above were strictly to show how incredibly awkward I have grown thru the years. If you look at the turtle neck picture below you will notice the following:

  1. My hair is wind blown-- or unbrushed--however you'd like to put it. 
  2. I have beautifully trimmed bangs that frame my chubby face in charming manner. 
  3. I have marker on my hands from a busy day of coloring, cutting, and pasting. And writing angry letters to my  Congressman about the quality of crayons in our school systems. 
  4. If you look even closer I have a chocolate milk mustache from lunch. 
  5. I'm also wearing my Elizabeth Taylor like earrings--one is a tea pot the other a tea cup. I only wore those for special occasions. 
  6. Note also the classy Greek column. 
  7. And finally that lovely white mock turtle neck that truly accentuates my girlish frame. And by girlish I meant pilsbury doughish. 
When my mom saw this new introduction to the blog she was mortified that I had displayed my less flattering photos. She then suggested other pictures I could have included. However I said "Nay Mama! These truly personify my true character." She then told me if I didn't get to steppin' and clean my room by a 11am I'd be out on the street. 

Sooooo as you can imagine I need to get going otherwise I'll be writing these blogs permanently from a Panera booth which then doubles as my bed. 



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