Happy Valentine's Day Kiddos!

Don't worry I'm not about to write about how awesome or awful Valentine's Day is. That's lame. Not to mention my mom and dad both gave me cards and candy so I count it as pretty sweet score on my part. Sure both cards involved fart jokes but that's just the kind of family we are.

Anyway I was getting ready to write about what a fun weekend I had when I noticed that the advertisements I added from good ole Google showed up on my page finally. However, I looked at what they were and they made me laugh out loud. I'm probably violating some rule by mentioning them but I just thought it needed to be pointed out.

Let's back up for a second.

You can add advertisements to your blog if you  feel like it. They check out what your blog is about and add things that they think your readers would dig. According to Goog here's what they think you all are interested in:


1. Body Wrappers--I don't know if that's for like Dexter fans or Weight Watchers fans.

2. Cute Dance Leotards--This may be because I've said if I ever get to my goal weight I'd only be wearing Beyonce type leotards and heels everywhere I went. I may even do that if I don't make my goal weight. So you're welcome.
                                                             Coming Soon:

3. And here's my favorite: Get Doll Making Supplies. This could be because I mentioned that I liked to knit and craft. Or it could be all the "SO WHAT IF I MAKE HAIR DOLLS OF YOU" jokes have finally come back to bite me. (I don't make hair dolls by the way...but the idea is funny and creepy. Mainly creepy.)

Maybe I need to start writing about spicier things so my ads get more hardcore. It probably doesn't help that I occasionally mention the "Golden Girls." I'll start writing about motorcycles and needles and punching people in the face. 

On that note. Hugs and kisses and high fives for Valentine's Day. 



(After I posted this all the ads became about V. Day--but please note the ads above were truly there...)Ahhthank you. 


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