There are no cats in America...

My roommate Barb, also known as my mom, will probably kill me for this post but I find it necessary to share.

Let me preface this story by saying this:

Our house is clean. Really clean. We're not hobos. We don't leave trash bins open outside our house...unless I'm making my weekly trashcan fire to roast marshmellows.

Yet somehow we have a mouse. Yes that's right. A mouse.

Hanging out on our carport like he owns the place. Let me tell you something it is the most nervewracking experience ever. I don't know why. It's not like this mouse is Jigsaw waiting to bring us to some cellar to "play a game" but you never know where he's going to pop out of and make a break for it. 

I think if the little dude looked like this:

I'd be more comfortable with the situation...but he doesn't so I'm not.

Not to mention the guy that was sent to take care of him was perhaps the creepiest person I've come across in quite sometime. He had TWO lazy eyes...TWO. And I'm not positive when I say this but I think that one of them was made of glass. Which then makes me think that he had past altercations with other Stuart Littles and now his glass eye is all he has to show for it. You've seen Stuart. He has that jazzy red convertible. God only knows how fast that thing can go when he's being pursued.

It's been about 24 hours since Wonky Eyed McGee came to the house and I haven't seen him. So hopefully we are rid of that situation. I hope so because I can't live in fear of my carport anymore. That's where my sodas are.

Hope everyone is staying warm with all this snow.

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