Mar 1, 2010

I have no shame and like to party.

So heres the deal thugs. My friend Fran (aka my manager) and I made this plan. If I get 50 followers we will have a party to celebrate. I will get to wear a tiara. You all will be invited.

"But Jones a party celebrating your blog is stupid and nerdy."

Um no it's not. A party is a party. And did I mention the tiara?

I promise to look like this the whole time. And wear the bikini too. (You're welcome.)

So just mosey on over to the follow button. You don't have to be a blogger or a member of Blogger so no excuses.

Also go on over to Apes blogs and follow them too as she also likes to party.

Alright enough schilling for one day.

I feel so dirty now...whoring my blog like this.

Oh well. Just like that I'm over it.

Have splendifferous day!



  1. I also have no shame. For proof, check out my facebook status. Party here we coommmeee!!!

  2. Robynnnn you're the best. <3