A Mental Picture for You...

Right now I am sitting in my room watching the Biggest Loser and watching instructional videos on knitting techniques on youtube. Gentlemen you can leave your contact information in the comments section as I know you will be wanting to scoop up this prime piece of lady real estate.

Perhaps that was a gross way to put it but I'm single fellas. And I can knit you a scarf and pretty soon a blanket.

I had this whole plan to write an Oscar blog but it's already almost 2 days after the fact and I don't think that I could give any funnier or better reviews then my fav blogs already have (seen here and here). Even though I think everyones' dresses are pretty I have no idea what goes on in fashion or what is deemed a "fashion emergency" which is why you should mosey on over to my friend Robyn's fashion blog.

BUT during my daily gchat with my friend Caroline, we did think it was very important to address two things:

1. What the F was wrong with Kathy Ireland? She was like a Barbie. Note that she barely bends her arms. I'm not sure if her joints actually work.  In interviews following the Oscars, she said she was just "excited". Excited--drunk--whatever.  It was literally the most uncomfortable part of the whole evening. Well that and Ginger Kanye interrupting the short film documentary winner.

Example of creepy Kathy (courtesy of the super sleuth skills of Caroline of course):

2. Sandra Bullock is literally the coolest human alive. 
She's from Arlington btw. And fab. And I wish we were friends. 
And I think her husband is adorable. 
And I'm glad they found their dog that was missing.
Annd I'll stop now.

No...but seriously look how cool she is:

Also before I go finish watching 16 & Pregs I wanted to thank everyone
for reading, following and spreading the word on Facebook. 
This is really just fun for me and the
fact you guys enjoy it makes it even better! 
Maybe it's corny buttt just thought it needed to be said.

Consider this me right now:




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