I don't like the term hump day...

To me it is icky. I don't really even like the word hump if we're being honest. It gives me the creeps. So does the word moist. If you think it a cake it moist--just say it's good because if you say it's moist I'm not gonna want to eat it. And I love cake. Same rule applies with cookies and cupcakes. Keep it to yourself. I'm all set.

However, Wednesdays are sometimes a drag as they are right in the middle of the week. In case you didn't know: it's Monday, then Tuesday, then WEDNESDAY! thursdayfridaysaturdaysunday.

I'm an idiot.

This morning I got dressed, because I decided the birthday suit would be more of a casual Friday occasion, and walked out the door, (not shimming down the drain pipe as per usual) and thought of today as any other. However, it was not.

When I got to work a lady told me my sweater was inside out. Now, as many of you know I'm not a skinny mini. Sooo the idea of my tag hanging out mortified me. Luckily it was early so my friends at work that would mercilessly make fun of me ( you two know who you are) couldn't point it out. As a matter of fact they wouldn't have pointed it out and just giggled and pointed.

(Insert my new favorite sound effect that I found courtesy of the EW.com's recap of last night's "Biggest Loser")

I blame Wednesday. I firmly believe that if it was Thursday this wouldn't have happened. Friday it definitely wouldn't happen because well...see above...that's my birthday suit day. You're welcome co-workers.

It's all been down hill from there. Hopefully my day will improve.

I am going to Chipotle so that'll make it a little better.

I may open a restaurant called: I Don't Care For Wednesdays. I.D.C.F.W.

It's not as catchy as T.G. I. Fridays but it'll have killer drink specials and real good food.

I'm gonna look into that.



  1. Wednesdays are a really good excuse to drink. So are Mondays. And Tuesdays. And thursdayfridaysaturdaysundays...

    Hmm... I wonder if a gay best friend can fix alcoholism?


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