I have a little problem with follow up...

The whole point of me declaring that I would write a daily thought was to actually write daily thoughts. It has been like 4 days and I have failed. I will do better. Promise.

With that I give you my thought/ concern for the day:

Friday I jokingly mentioned that I was coming down with "Beiber Fever" regarding this Justin Beiber character. I stress jokingly.

Now after watching him on SNL last night I think it may be true...I think I may be enjoying Justin Beiber. I'm embarrassed. I'm 23 I can't get away with it. I need to cool my jets. Watching the Disney Channel is one thing...buying Justin Beiber songs and having them stuck in my head daily is another. I will fight this.

Side note: Did anyone watch SNL last night? Why am I asking? Oh just because my favorite person/idol/person I aspire to be was the host.


We are esssennnntiallllly the same person. 

Her character Liz Lemon (who is based on her)  loves sandwiches. I love sandwiches. 
She also loves food covered in fake cheese. I love food covered in fake cheese. 
She loves TV. I love TV.
She was the first female head writer on SNL and wrote "Mean Girls." I quote "Mean Girls" ALL THE TIME. 
She's super funny. I got jokes. 
She lives in New York City. I live in her apartment under her bed in New York City on the weekends! 


If you have 9 minutes you can watch the "Best of Liz Lemon" the best character on television below: 


On that note. 

Good night! 



  1. what show is that? and why havent i been watching it for ages?

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTCm8tdHkfI

    you know how this is.... i figured you would be able to sympathize

  3. Embarrassing admission: I watched the Fey/Beiber SNL twice last weekend, and I have watched the naughty teacher skit probably 19384729929 times since...

    "I'll buy you a panini...and some Spanx to make you teeny..."

    SO GOOD!


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