Oh brother...

Dear Gym,

Hey...it's me Jones. We haven't been on the best of terms lately. I know that I haven't called and have been ignoring you but I've been in a funk. I keep thinking about my best friend's wedding and the dress I'm wearing and how I'm going to look hella-chunk and I'm just overwhelmed. Because of that looming thought of looking 20 lbs lighter I eat massive quantities to sabotage my plan and end up looking like Gilbert Grape's mom.

I give myself a goal every week to stay away from all fried foods. After about 3 days I start getting a little Tom Seizmore-ish from Sober House and just break down and eat like waffle fries or an egg roll. I've given myself goals to cook...and I do it one day and feel so accomplished and just tucker out for the rest of the week. It's like I have zero will power and because of that I lack the motivation I was developing to attend your facilities.

You (Gym) are like the Dr. Drew for me, except less attractive and more smelly, and I need to figure out how to break out from this rut. I've started reading this blog In It To Gym It (recommended by my friend Robyn who also has a great blog) and it's comforting to know that I'm not the only one that struggles.

I did receive a call from my Gym Boyfriend yesterday. And by call I mean he called because I'm pretty sure it's mandated by Lifetime Fitness to call all members they signed up who haven't shown up in like a month. But he did say I could talk to him personally (which I took to mean make out with by the treadmill) whenever I needed to. He also called me "Ash" when he said good-bye so I've set our wedding date and have the details already in place. Perhaps that is jumping the gun...but I mean you can't fight a love like ours.

With all this frustration and that boost from GB (Gym Boyfriend) yesterday I think that the only way to overcome this funk is to return to your open arms again Gym.

Don't expect me to be in a good mood.




  1. i.understand.
    me and the gym are on our third date this week... for the first time in months.... we had a blind date since i joined a new gym!

  2. I joined a gym that was on my direct route home from work. The goal in that was to have the gym call out to me and I would feel guilty that I passed it and go on in. Now it is more like...ha ha ha catch ya never sucka! But sometimes I go because Matt Gilbert works there and he comes to talk to me when I am working out. It keeps me updated on my Phi Tau gossip.

  3. Ashley, I love you :) You made me smile tonight!

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