Tuesday! Tuesday! Tuesday! Part 2

Sorry about the lack of blogging the last few days! 

 I've been working a lot ...still but I've been compiling some things from the past few days to share with you:  

1. Working in retail you come across a lot of weird people. People that will try to bargain with you for a lower price, people that ask for weird items that we clearly don't have, customers that use a ziploc bag as a wallet,  the usual. But I have come across the type of customer that really grinds my grits. (Yeah I did just say that.) This customer is the "Oh you're closed? I'm going to continue to look around and ask specific questions that require you to research the answers, even though you've give me every hint that I need to vacate the premises," shopper. 
I know as a shopping pro that if a store is closing you don't just wander in to browse. I also know that if it's at 9:00pm on a Saturday my Vera Bradley purchase can wait until the next morning because the glares and growls  from the cashier are not worth the new purse or the time it takes for those bite marks to heal. (I'm not saying I will strike like a snake should someone stay past closing but being on your feet for 6+ hours makes a girl hungry and irrational...so be cautious.) 

2. I also recognized that having 2 jobs requires you to practically live in your car. I mean I'm not in a Jewel type of situation where I'm living in a van down by the river writing poetry (yet) but I'm always on the move. 
The other day I got into my car and realized that my car looked like a borderline hoarder's car. I had 6 pairs of shoes, a binder, a pair of jeans, 3 cups from my house, a gym bag, tanning lotion, yarn, construction paper, a sheet, and a blanket in there. I was concerned that if I didn't clear that puppy out I was going to start the cat lady process sooner rather than later and start lining my floor boards with kitty litter. 

3. During the clean out process I realized that I'm missing my favorite tennis shoe. I literally don't know where it is which is frustrating because I had broken them in and they are so comfortable. So consider this an Amber Alert for one grey, black, and pink New Balance shoe. Mommy misses you. 

4. I had a Slurpee for the first time in like 2 years on Saturday and it was literally the best thing ever. I get pumped when a 7-11 has the Cherry Minute Maid and Coke flavor flavs because then you can mix them together and it's awesome. PLUS the straw has that little spoon on the end which is super convenient...I literally  need to stop talking about this Slurpee like it was the perfect first date. 

5. Sunday I got home from work and there was a "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" marathon on. I shed one single tear of joy because I love marathons. Let me rephrase that: I love marathons of movies or TV shows where you literally can just lay in a semi-coma and watch without worrying about changing the channel. It's like the epitome of lazy--and it's awesome. 

On that note--I'm in the mood to get some cereal for lunch from the cafeteria downstairs. Cinnamon Toast Crunch is calling my name. 




  1. I'll keep my eye out for the shoe and I too am living out of my car (it builds character).

  2. The only thing better than a good TV marathon? TWO good TV marathons-- so I can just hit the "Last" button and go back and forth during the commercials. Bliss, thy name is tivo, and it is good. (Or something like that...)

    Also, LOL for the retail scenario and the living your car bit. I have a really bad habit of keeping my shoe collection in my car, both for necessary changes between jobs and because I have an insane belief that I like heels until 30 minutes into the night when I realize OH SHIT THESE ARE TORTURE DEVICES. I then run (limp) to my car, where I change into one of the many pairs of flats that await me. My heels join the cute shoe grave yard in the backseat.

    Also, yeah, stay the heck out of the store at closing time. And this goes double for restaurants. The cooks WILL spit in your food if you're keeping them there late. Sorry, just saying. Also, once, when I was bartending at a sports bar, I was (wrongly) left in charge. The waiters, cooks, and I all decided to close two hours early so that we could go to a party another waiter was throwing. Yep. REALLY responsible. So we cleaned the restaurant, put the chairs on the tables, ushered the last few bar patrons out (nicely, I swear), and dimmed the lights to discourage new patrons from coming in. I'm not proud. Except I kind of am.


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