May 11, 2010

Well I think it's time...

Well nuggets I think it's time for me to address my loss. My boyfriend (and by boyfriend I mean...we haven't met but I've been watching him on TV for the past 17 weeks and I love him) Sam Poueu was voted off last week's "Biggest Loser." I don't like it...not one bit but he left looking real good folks. Like real good.
"Why hello there. Yes Sam I will marry you. I also like Brazil. We could wear matching shirts...maybe hold hands...oh...ummm..."

Watching this week's BL I've noticed something that bothers me more than the fat on fat hugging. We're further along in the season where the arm pit on arm pit doesn't happen anymore so I've moved past it. What I do not like is the slow motion eating shots they have of the contestants when they were their heaviest. 

They show them eating like they are Godzilla attacking a city 4 times an episode and it just bugs me. Now I live in fear that every bite I take I may look like I'm in slow motion making incoherent food coma sentences like "FOOD GOOD. FEED JONES MORE--NOM NOM NOM." 

I'm glad we are all here to witness my crazy at full throttle. 

On that note, I'm off to rest my crazy head. 

Goodnight muffins! 



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