Happy Birthday Memedoodle!!!

Today is my roommate's birthday. 

 Helen (otherwise known as Meme) is 77. 

She's also a ballerrrrr. 
Here's why: 
1. She will always beat you in arm wrestling. Always. 
2. She pinches harder than anyone I know. 
3. She will beat you in Rummy, UNO, & Go Fish
4. She plays Bejeweled
5. She makes the best potato salad ever.
6. She loves cheese more than I do. 
7. She wears tie-dye
8. She used to have a Gameboy
9. She gives me her scratch off tickets when she wins money so I have a few extra bucks in my pocket.
10. She's always down to share the Aussie fries with me.

She's awesome.
So Happy Birthday Roomie. 




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