I'm back!

Hi Nuggets! I'm sorry I have abandoned you for more than a week. Here are my excuses: 

  1. I was on a staycation. My house was not only shared with the regular cast of characters but 2 10 year olds and one 6 year old. We went on a tour of DC and to the Baltimore Aquarium. I saw a puffin and a sloth so I deemed them successful outings. However I am in no way anywhere near ready to be a parent. Luke from the “Gilmore Girls” said it best: “Kids always have jam hands.” And it’s true. Even when there is no jam or syrup around kids have jam or syrup on their hands. Please don’t mistake me for the Grinch. I love kids. I think they are super fun and funny and cute. But I also love to give them back to where they came from. I never know the kid rules. I once asked my 13 year old cousin if he was big enough to ride in the front seat. I also assume that they are allowed to watch “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” and that words like crap, damn, and stupid are acceptable to say. I also didn’t see what the big deal was when one of them asked me to buy them a pack of cigarettes and I obliged. Those E*Trade babies have really messed with my perception of what’s appropriate I guess. They ride planes by themselves and hooked up their own webcam…I think that’s grounds for confusion. No? Just me?
  2. I lost my computer charger. And then Petey ate my homework. But I really did lose it. I tend to lose almost everything that I own. I’m still missing my favorite sorority t-shirt. Last seen two Septembers ago. Please return if found. I lost my shoe…then my other shoe. My camera in a cab in Chicago. That kid I babysat for once. (TOTALLY KIDDING…too far?) Generally when things get lost I try to remain calm as long as possible. After about 2-3 minutes of this calm the crazy train fully leaves the station and I start blaming Barb Jones for coming in my room taking the exact thing I was looking for and tying it to a bunch of helium balloons and setting it free into the open sky or something equally as logical. Later I find it under a pillow, if it’s my glasses I’m looking for –they’re usually on my head, in a desk drawer, or in the pit that is my car. As it turns out my charger was at my best friend Marisa’s house. So as SOON as I get home I’ll unlock the closet and let Barb out. I am such a silly goose.

    I really only had two excuses. I promise to never let you down again (especially you Sarah Whitley).




    1. what shirt are thou missing??

    2. i was worried about your well being, that is why i have been texting you. just wanted to make sure you were still alive.

    3. I LIVE in DC and I've been begging B to take me to the Bmore Aquarium since we started dating.

      Two years later, NO PUFFINS. What the French, toast??

    4. I would really like it if you would call me Mom every now and then.

      Your silly mother-goose

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