I'm so excited...I'm so excited...I'm so scared Zack...

Ok I'm  not scared but I really am so excited becauseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
 I am a James Madison University DUKE!!! 

I was recently accepted in to the College Student Personnel Program (CSPA 2012) as a grad student. When I graduate I will have a Master's in Education. From there I'll be prepared to work in college, university, and community college positions molding those minds. 

I couldn't be more excited. I move to Harrisonburg, VA August 4th. I hope they are ready for the awkward monster that I am. 

In preparation for the big move I had to go to the doctor and get the ole' physical. After a serious of uncomfortable questions from my doctor (and by uncomfortable I mean I had to verbally admit to how much of an old lady I am) I could tell she was concerned. 
Considering I'm practically a nun ( I knit and watch E! most evenings. Have I mentioned my new fascination with craft blogs? 'Cause that's happening now too.) she asked me the following question:
"Are you dating anyone?"
I said "Nope."
She then said: "It'll happen honey I'm sure of it. Don't you worry. You just have to put yourself out there." 
I wasn't worried but now that a medical official seems concerned so am I. 
(Side note: While she was checking to see if I had tuberculosis she sternly asked me if I used drugs that involved needles. If I was it was ILLEGAL. Who knew?I didn't realize I looked like such a heroine addict.) 
(Other side note: I don't have tuberculosis because 1. I don't live on the Oregon Trail and 2. I don't hang out with Kid Rock.) 

In summary: I'm going to grad school and super excited. I'm also clean of any communicable diseases so fellas please give me a call. No seriously call me because my doctor said.



  1. DOH, I had TB... or was exposed to it at some point. I had to take meds for 6 months and I could drink because the meds mess with my liver. Did I mention this was 2 weeks after my 21st Bday? Yeah. I was hanging out with Kid Rock apparently!

  2. *Couldn't Drink, that is*


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