I hope I don't lose all respect for my taste in movies...

Some blogs I've read have "theme weeks" like lists, or letters, or lists....I've really done my research. So I thought I'd do a theme week...of lists. This week is clearly starting off with a bang.

There is a blog that morphed into a book called "The Book of Awesome." 
I was directed to it by one of the many blogs I read (which one is a mystery.)
 I'm on my GAME today.

One of the many awesome things they mention are movies that are like glue. A movie that literally sucks you into your TV whenever it's on. Here are my top 10 favorite glue movies.
Prepare to be amazed with their sheer cinematic integrity.

#10 Mermaids

My dad wanted to prove a point to cable companies that he did not NEED their 5 billion channels. During his strike to stick it to the cable man, I was left to watch only NBC, FOX, ABC, UPN and the WB if it wasn't cloudy.
 During that period I watched many an infomercial on Saturday and Sunday mornings. 
If it was "As Seen On TV" I could probably tell you all its features. I was a mini Billy Mays. 
 UPN would either play Mannequin or Mermaids every other weekend afternoon.
 Even though I was a fan of both I lovedddd Mermaids. 
Cher, mini Christina Ricci, Winona Ryder, and JAKE RYAN from Sixteen Candles!? 
Hello heaven. 
Did I mention that all Cher makes in this movie for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is food that can be served with a toothpick? Because she does and I was jealous. 
Still am actually.

#9 A League of Their Own

Tom Hanks in this movie is fantastic. 
It was also a staple movie to any girl who played softball in middle and high school. 
Especially if you kind of resembled the Rosie O'Donnell character for a little bit. 

#8 Selena

Bitty Bitty Bumba
Whenever this is on TBS I stop what I'm doing and watch. Every time I hope the ending is different.
I also spin the pizza tray around like she does to pick the right piece. I loved all of her outfits but considering my general awkwardness in 1997 when this movie was released it was best that I didn't invest in the same cow printed ensembles she rocked. I also forced my dad to buy this soundtrack for me so I could listen to it in my portable disc man. 

#7 Animal House

I'm an alien and haven't seen certain classic movies. I'm ashamed. 
(Back to the Future and Ghostbusters are on my Netflix queue as we speak. It's an embarrassing fact but I'm rectifying it so please stick with me. )
 Although I haven't seen those classics Tim Jones refused to let my life go on without watching Animal House. He also made sure I knew that John Belushi was a comedic genius. 
It's honestly one of the funniest movies I have ever seen.
 If I'm watching in the living room by myself, I swear I catch a glimpse of a tear in Tim's eye. 
It's either the fact that I'm watching Animal House or  because his 23 year old daughter still lives at home and is sitting in his recliner.

Hope Floats

It's a chick flick, but a chick flick with Sandra Bullock AND Harry Conick Jr. 
 I'm mildly obsessed obsessed with both Sandy and HCJ. And by obsessed I mean I stop my knitting and give all attention to the television. I kind of watch with my mouth half open blinking only periodically. I may be exaggerating a smidge but I do love this movie and I do sigh heavily if Barb or Tim try talking to me while I'm watching. I then say to them in my best movie theater man voice:
"Please don't ruin my movie by adding your own soundtrack."
Then I have to take out the trash.

#5 Forgetting Sarah Marshall

I didn't want to see this movie in theaters, and only watched it thru Netflix because my friends were quoting it and I felt left out. After I saw it the first time I watched it maybe 3 more times before sending it back. It also caused me to fall in love with Russell Brand and Jason Segel and reaffirmed my humungo crush on Jonah Hill. 
(Side note: One time in an interview Megan Fox said she was attracted to guys like Jonah Hill. To this I say: "Step off skank. You can't have Brian Austin Green and Jonah Hill. Let a girl dream a little. F.")

#4 Karate Kid

2 words: Mr. Miyagi

#3 Sixteen Candles

Another 2 words: Jake Ryan

#2 Clueless

This movie was literally sold out of Blockbuster every freaking time I tried to rent it for a sleepover. Do you know what that does for a girl trying to improve her image? I'll tell you: Not much. There are only so many times you can force your best friend to watch Spice World before she threatens to shove her platform flip flop down your throat. 
I just really like the Meatloaf cameo. 
(I apologize Catherine.)
This movie is one of those movies where you notice funny quotes or details each time you watch it. It also help propel Paul Rudd to full time babe status. 

#1 Dirty Dancing

I'm not saying it's the best movie ever made...but it's the best movie ever made.
When I was looking for prom dresses I wanted a dress like Baby's in the final dance sequence.
 Granted they didn't sell dresses like that in 2004 but it was my quest.
I also wanted a boyfriend named Johnny who was also Patrick Swayze.
A fun fact about me: 
I request for whoever I playing in the pool with to lift me.  
A not so fun fact:
No one ever does.

What are your glue movies? 



  1. Anything porn just sucks me right in!!!

  2. Jones! I love your blog! I check it every day when I get to work. It's just as much a part of my morning as my coffee.

    I think my glue movies are a tie between "You've Got Mail" (I just cannot resist a curly headed Meg Ryan and who doesn't adore Tom Hanks?) and "Pride and Prejudice". It's like a moth to a hot lightbulb when either of those movies come on.

    And I hear you about only having access to CBS, NBC, ABC, UPN and such. I grew up without cable because we lived so far out in the sticks. I was the only one in the third grade who didn't have the pleasure of watching "Are You Afraid of the Dark" and "Salute your Shorts".

    Good stuff. Keep it up!

  3. You and I are movie glue TWINS! (Minus Mermaids because I can't say that I have seen that!) I get super mad when I turn on the TV and Hope Floats is on because I ALWAYS MISS THE BEGINNING! I still have no idea what the ex husband did on public tv to ruin Sandy's life!!!

    I have all of the Karate Kid movies (Yes,even the next Karate Kid where Daniel morphed into a chick)! I am waiting to see the new Jadon Smith version because I think that the old movie wasn't broken so why would they remake it!

    I also have all of the Back to the Future movies (I'll send um down to JMU for you). Hocus Pocus is also one I watch over and over again regardless of the time of year....now I recommend...Waynes World! The quotes are as clever as Clueless! Try it!

  4. My #1 movie I always get suckered into and could watch over and over again is Runaway Bride. I think it mainly has to do with my second favorite silver-fox, Richard Gere (second only to Anderson Cooper), and my favorite actress, Julia Roberts!

    Plus, I think it's my favorite combination of humor, romance, and a bit of suspense about what is going to happen! It gets me every time! :)

  5. I must agree with almost all of your glue movies especially Dirty Dancing! Nobody puts Baby in a corner.
    But I would like to add Sleepless in Seattle to this list. That's my glue movie. I don't care how many times I've seen that movie, each time it comes on I just drop what I'm doing and am glued to the t.v.


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