Aug 12, 2010

The newest student at Mt. Kilimanjaro University: Ashley Jones

So I'm here. In my own apartment. 
With a half painted wall. 
I got a little ambitious my 3rd day here and I haven't had time to really complete that task. 
For now I'll just say it's "artsy..."
When really it's just because it takes forever to rinse those paint brushes.
And I tire easily. 

To say I love it here is an understatement. 
I've been here for a week and I pretty much feel like I've been here forever.

Don't get me wrong I'm literally like a newborn. 
I mean I AM able to hold head up on my own but there's just so much to learn.

Here's what's been happening so far: 


They literally built this school on a mountain. I mean not literally but there are hills everywhere. 
The next time you see me don't be alarmed. Those aren't cankles they are just rhino like legs I've acquired from climbing Everest to get to class.  
Just when you think you're at your destination and you'll be able to walk on flat land you have to climb up 4 flights of steps. 
And I've been told that using the elevator is frowned upon.
I don't know if I've told you all this before but if it's like 38 degrees and above I sweat like I'm running away from a knife fight. 
I may be to my goal weight by October with all this cardio.
Either that or I'm going to hire someone to give me piggy back rides to all of my meetings. 
If that doesn't work I'll move to plan B:
A rickshaw 

The other night I was laying in bed thinking of policy & procedure (I wish I was kidding), and just as I was drifting off to sleep I heard the loudest noise I've EVER heard coming from INSIDE MY APARTMENT. 

I had convinced myself that this was the big one. That  an irate hobo was breaking into my apartment. I also then thought how stupid I was for not listening to my former roomie Barb.  
She told me to keep a hammer by my bed for protection. 
Barb Jones don't play. 
And I didn't listen. 
Larry (that was the hobo in this scenario) was going to come straight for me and I would be left hammerless.

It turned out the shower caddy in my bathroom had fallen off the wall but the terror was all real. 
Trust the hammer is now next to my bed. it hobos...with internet access...that read this blog.

Irony: Our staff's theme for training the next day was literally "Hobo Day" 
and a freight train passed thru blocking our way across the intersection. 
We all contemplated hopping on and taking a ride down to Charlottesville but decided against it.
Proof below: 

I love my new JMU buddies. 
They are probably what's made this transition the easiest. 
I feel like it's going to be a great year. 
If nothing else I'm going to have the most defined calf muscles known to the human race. 

P.S. Today we were Oompa Loompas: 

*Update* Let me point out my mom's comment below:

"I am happy to read that you have decided to keep the weapon near your bed. Let's not forget to find the spray bottle of mace your Uncle gave you. Remember, spray first, hammer second.

Love always,
Your Mother"


  1. I am happy to read that you have decided to keep the weapon near your bed. Let's not forget to find the spray bottle of mace your Uncle gave you. Remember, spray first, hammer second.

    Love always,
    Your Mother

  2. So glad you are loving it at JMU...not that I worried you wouldn't. Sad that I saw your Oompa Loompa picture and was like "aww Taylor Hall" Haha! Let's catch up SOON!

  3. Yes...Your Mother is always right. And this was Brilliant.

  4. I love to hear that you're loving it so much! One of the #1 things I love about training is theme days! I love to see that you all are playing it up right. I've been thinking about you, and know that you'll be great! You have some great fellow HDs on staff with you and I'm sure you're excited for the RAs to arrive tomorrow! Live it up!!

  5. Ashley - you describe JMU so well and using the elevator really is frowned upon.

  6. I miss your parents more than I miss you. I'm going to see if maybe Memedoodle wants to grab dinner soon.

    I love hobos.

    You mom is right - sleep with a weapon. I have some extra mace if you want me to bring it to you. I'm not kidding.

    The new girl started yesterday.

    Call me soon!

  7. I feel like now I want to have a hammer beside my bed instead of the baseball bat and dog the hobo could step over and still get me! haha! I'm glad you are safe and loving JMU!!!!

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