Feb 7, 2011

Creep Level Red

Hello Friends. 

There's been a lot going on in my life this past week and a half. 

1. I've been coping with the fact that Justin Timberlake has turned 30 years old. 
I remember the days where he had bleach blonde hair and only wore Sean John sweat suits. 
I remember when his favorite food was cereal with just enough milk. 
I remember a time when he wore sunglasses like this and it was some how socially acceptable:
I also remember when he was selfish and decided to focus on his solo career and broke up the best boy band on the effing planet. 
However, I still have hope that one day his fine self will realize that much like Captain Planet, the only way he can thrive is with the power of all 5 NSYNC members combined. 

2. I signed up for my first 5k. 
You get a cupcake at the end. 
Yes. The first race I'm running is based around food. 
I may be running now but I have my priorities. 
Plus the t-shirt has a picture of a cupcake on a jog. 
Something I can get behind. 

3. My celebrity creep status has been taken to a new level. 
I usually assess myself at code yellow. 
That means I'll stalk you from a far (and by a far, I mean Harrisonburg), learn general facts about your life, and make your picture my background on my computer. 
Yeah I'm talking to you Zach Gilford. 

However, my fantasy love for Matt Saracen, the fictional quarterback of a fictional team in Texas, became suddenly real one day at Starbucks here at James Madison University. 
I was minding my bidness and all of a sudden this gentleman walks in and my heart skips a beat. 
A Matt Sacaren look-a-like right in front of my very own eyes. 
I did what every logical person does in a situation like that:
Make your friends pretend pose near him in order to take HIS picture without being noticeable:

Now obviously Matt Saracen wouldn't wear his hat in such a douchey manner but I'm not kidding he had the same mannerisms and everything. 
It was so weird. 
I was at creep level red at the point in time
Which is hair doll making creep status.
I have since regressed back to level orange, because a new obsession has grown. 

WARNING: This will seem like I'm a bandwagon fan because they just won the Super Bowl but I promise it's not. 
My first jersey was a Green Bay Brett Favre jersey.
I also had a Green Bay Starter jacket. 
I have been a silent fan for awhile.
Tim Jones said it was strange but he supported it. 
I digress. 

I am currently fostering an obsession with Aaron Rodgers. 
It's been going on well before the playoffs but has grown with each passing week. 
I find him to be quite the babe:

Check out that beard. 
Scruff. Love.

He does this "title belt move." 
Traditionally wrestlers do this move. 
Like The Rock. 
I used to watch pro wrestling like it was my j-o-b. 
No joke, one year I was Sting for Halloween. 
I also had a dream to meet the NWO Wolfpack. 
I'm concerned that as a child I was in fact an 8 year old boy. 

Anyway Aaron does this move and it's enticing. 
I'm into it. 

He also photo bombs pictures. 

One of my favorite past times:

We are essentially made for each other.

4. I went snow tubing for the first time ever this weekend with 3 of my most favorite people. 
I don't care for sledding. 
It's basically just hill walking. 
No thanks. 
However I heard that when you go tubing they pull you up to the top of the hill via conveyor belt. 
Consider me in.

I was a big fan of spending the weekend with my favorite sorority sisters and favorite CSPA loveys. 

Nothing has changed really in this past week and a half. 
I'm still creepy. 
Still running. 
Still hate walking up hills but will gladly be motored to the top of one on a conveyor belt. 
The usual.


  1. I love happening on your blog- it reminds me of our laughs shared together. Oh AJ.

  2. i hate that picture of you creeping on ripka...please make it our prof pic again stat.

  3. haahah.. girl, your blog completely cracks me up. I'm so glad I found it!

    and doesn't everybody miss the old days of JRT? I had a big fat poster of his curly-headed face right next to my bed. for years.

  4. Jonesy- rips and I are laying in my bed together reading your blog aloud and giggling. The usual. Wish you were here! Love you.