You Like Me You Really Like Me!

I'm feeling a little like Sally Field today.
(It's Oscar Weekend so go with the reference) 

I mean not to toot my own horn or anything but I totally have a new blog bff.
We're one step away from friendship bracelets.
 Her name is Alyssa and you can find her fantastic blog here.
She awarded me with my first blog award.

Honestly it was just an honor to be nominated by my peers.
(Can you tell I love award shows? Because I DOOOOO)

After I gave my acceptance speech to my one stuffed animal I got to thinking about my facts.

Seeing as I drop embarassing nuggets about myself all the time I had to rack my brain for 7 random things
about myself.
Yet some how I managed.

Let us begin.

1. When I was little my former roommate/ mom Barb Jones used to work for Time Life. They did a series of books for kids and they used to ask employees children to model for the pictures.
As this was before my awkward stage my mom volunteered me.
I was in a book called "Simple Experiments"
Technically I was promised the cover, but instead I got the title page.
I'm not saying I was a diva but I did 3 outfit changes that day AND played with a sundial for like an hour.
I also recall having to bring my own snacks.

These are the jerks that got the cover.
I could have totally rubbed a balloon on my head better.
I was just never given the opportunity.
I was robbed.
Robbed I tell ya.

Here is my shot:
Look how confused I am. 
Science is hard. 
Notice I'm sitting cross legged in a skirt. 
I was pulling a Britney Spears way before she was skankin' it up in cars in Hollywood. 
After Barb Jones reads this she will point out that it was a skort but I don't care. 
I was a lady then and I'm a lady now. 

2. I refuse to play charades. I hate them. I think it's a stupid game.
When would you be in a situation where you would have to mime a movie title?
You wouldn't. 
I hate games like Cranium because you can pull a charades card. 
I pulled that effing card once and I had to mime 
"Jim Carrey." 
I did this face: 
It was not well received.
Then I yelled out BIG TEETH. 
And they immediately knew who I was talking about. 

I'm not the Little Mermaid.
 I didn't lose my voice to an octopus under the sea. 
So I'm gonna go ahead and continue to use it in game playing situations. 

Not to continue to harp on it but EVEN IF the love of my life asks me to play charades with him I will kick him in the shin and break up with him. 
That's not true I'm 24 and single I can't afford that kind of move. 
But I will shin kick. 
That I promise. 

3. I was on a bowling league when I was about 8. 
I bowled every Saturday morning with my best friend Jessy. 
Our team went on to be the 5th best team in the state of VA. 
No there were not only 5 teams. 
There were 100. 
We were awesome. 
In fact we now hustle our friends when they ask us to go bowling. 
We feign interest and then rack up the pins. 
Us 1 billion years later. 

4. I stole chalk from my 1st grade teacher for like 2 months before my mom found out and my jig was up. 
Her name was Ms. McKee. 
She would line us up by the chalkboard every day before we were dismissed and every day I would see the brand new chalk pieces she would have on the ledge. 
I had my own chalk board at home on which I would color, teach my stuffed animals math problems, you know the usual only child after school activities. 
Why would I ask Barb for them when I could just snatch the ones right near my fat sausagey little hands. 

So, everyday I would carefully ease up to the board and ever so gently put the chalk in my pocket. 
Very Mission Impossible.

I was so good at stealing it that very rarely did the chalk ever break. 
Then Barb noticed one day that I had more chalk than she had ever purchased for me. 
I was trapped. 
I had to fess up. 
I also had to bring my chalk back to my teacher with an apology note. 
I went out like such a punk. 

5. I think chicken is gross. 
I only eat it from certain places and even then I'm a little iffy on it. 
I saw a story once where a woman found a chicken head in her nugget box and I've never fully gotten over it. 
I've also had a lot of strange experiences with weird tasting chicken and just generally stay away from it. 
Freaks. me. out.

6. It is my dream to learn the rap in "Waterfalls" by TLC

and finnnnnnnnnnallly 

7. It is my wish to one day be a banana at a halloween costume party. 
I've never really had an opportunity 
yet it has always been my life's goal. 
My best Halloween yet was when I was a Purple Parrot from "Legends of the Hidden Temple" with my bff Heather: 

One time I tried on the costume in Target and it just felt right: 

So someone invite me to a party so I can rock this bad boy. 
Make a wish come true. 

There you have it. 
7 Facts about me! 

I hope the following people will accept the 7 Random Facts award and post! 
and any of you other bloggers that think this is awesome! 
If you do it leave a comment and let me know! 
I love making new friends! 

Also if you haven't yet perhaps think about following the blog? 
You don't have to be a member of Blogger to do it! 



  1. Oh Jones how you have made my day! Not only is today Monday, but I had to wake up and go to work while the other side of the world got to enjoy the Oscars. (thankfully I can see a rerun)Plus I went to the gym when it was the last thing I wanted to do after work. And what brightens my "Monday mood"? You! Thanks so much for the award & in such good company with the lunchbox diaries :D

  2. I am so with you on the chicken thing. Laura (my chicken loving gf) thinks I'm nuts but I bawk everytime it's offered. I think it's just fowl.

  3. "we're the twooo best friends that anyone can haaaaaveeee.."

  4. Hi! Just found your blog and I love it! You totally crack me up :) Definitely just followed.

  5. Meaghan! I'm so glad you like it thanks for following!


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