Takin' it to the streets...

The 5k is in 3 weeks and I'm going to be real honest:

I run pretty well on the treadmill. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I listen to a lot of rap music. 
The louder and angrier it is the longer I run. 
I just envision Eminem chasing me and it seems to do the trick. 

But I'm worried that when the race comes I will be a hot hot mess.

Here are my main concerns:

1. When I run I look like a fool. 
When I'm in the confines of the gym I can kind of get away with the fact that it looks like I'm about 3 steps away from the light.
But on the streets?
That's where it gets real. 
There are people driving by who I'm pretty sure will be legitimately concerned that I am either running from the cops or about to have the "big one" and keel over on the side of the road. 
My friend Colleen who writes the "Lunchbox Diaries" said she feels like people are staring and I couldn't agree more. 
I'm scared. 
Real scared.

2. As I have mentioned before Harrisonburg is full of hills that are surrounded by mountains. I've been running on flat ground. 
These hills are no joke. 
And although I have bucked the JMU system by taking the elevator instead of the stairs that is not in option in the outdoors. 
There are no elevators. 
Trust me. 
I'm googled it. 

3. What if this happens: 

4. Also previously stated I pack my playlist with some pretty sweet jams which occasionally cause me to dance. 
I don't know if the streets are ready for this jelly. 
I feel that I could just be taken over by the music and just start something like this: 

I can't make promises that won't happen. 
I could cause accidents with my moves. 

5. I've been running for 2 - 2.5 miles and I'm petrified of what will happen when I do 3.2. 
With that I'm scared that my race time will be over an hour. 
Or even longer and everyone packs up and goes home and I don't get my cupcake or a ride.
OR that I will get lost on the course and up running 
across the country like Forrest Gump. 
After writing that I pictured myself with the same long scraggly beard he developed. 

Oddly enough that's what my hair looks like before I straighten it. 
Sexy right?

I know some of my friends are fabulous and fit and any suggestions on how to prepare would be appreciated. 

Thanks for sticking with me through this mini panic attack. 

And have a fantastic dayyyyyyyy! 


  1. You totally got this lady, and you better be dancing when you are done :) Cupcake? Check!

  2. Is that also what your beard looks like before your straighten it? Ashley Mantoinette.

  3. You're going to kick ass, muffin! Have you heard of the Galloway Method? It incorporates walks into your race/running. Google it. It's helped me a whooole lot :)

  4. CJ & Colleen: That's dudes! You're the best. I'll definitely check that method out Muffin!

    LK: That's Ashley M. Jones. I'm Ashley A. Jones. Get it right or pay the price.

  5. GIIIRL, you've got this. seriously. just work your way up to that mileage every day (obv taking some days off in between). try a walk-run to keep yourself going. if you need any more advice or help, contact me fa sho! trust me, I wasn't always a runner. :)

  6. You can do it Jonsey!

    Ps I miss your face :)


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