What a silly goose...

Oh hey thugs.
I'm back.
Sorry for the long hiatus again.
However, I have quite the update (coming soonnnn after this)

First let me get this out of the way.

This past Friday was April Fools Day.
I love pranks.
I think they are hilarious.
My first two years at Longwood were full of them.
However, I'm not the most skilled at pulling them off.

So naturally as April 1st arrived I was unsure if I was going to attempt anything.
Then I remembered I was friends with this guy:
My bff SteVen 

& knew that something must be done.

After some discussion with one of his RAs and some of my associates we decided to fill up 270 cups of water and place them outside his door so he couldn't get in.

Safety hazard? Yes.
Best prank ever? No.
Was it worth it? YUP.

Check out our work:
3 helpers filling up the cups

Eric helping with the assembly


And now we wait....

"Jones this is a lot of cups..."

After we stacked up all the cups I told Steve to make love to the camera.
He tried...

I hid in the TV Lounge and waited for him to get back. 
When he saw the cups I started giggling.
He found me. 
I helped him clean it all up. 
I claim the day as a success. 

Next year he will probably retaliate. 
Or tomorrow. 
I must always be on my toes. 


  1. you helped clean up?! goodness, you're a nice pranker! ;)


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