Jun 15, 2011

Oh Jones...

There is a reason my blog is titled,
"Oh Jones..."
There a lot of things I do that aren't that "smart" or have luck that just runs out which leads to a series of unfortunate events.

Things that make my friends and family groan and say,
"Oh Jones..."


 I say certain words incorrectly,
like ambulance (I say ambuLANCE)
and theater (I say theATE-ER)

I pick things up with my toes instead of bending over.
Because bending over makes me tired.

Occasionally I think it's funny to draw funny things on people's faces in pictures.

Need a closer look?

I thought this was funny. 
I giggled to myself. 
Then forgot I did it. 
Later Ashley was collecting her notes for her next meeting...these pictures being apart of said notes. 
She asked everyone, 
"Hey...who drew a mustache & goatee on this kid? I gotta take these event pictures to a meeting." 

My b. 

After I confessed I was given the classic "Mom" look.

I was also informed I could not draw on anything that wasn't on my desk. 
They run a tight ship.

 Sometimes my luck runs out and my days are full of tons of "Oh Jones" type moments.
These past few days I've had quite a few of those moments.

Let's start with Monday.
It was a breezy day in Philly.
I wore a dress.
While walking back to the office from lunch a rather large gust of wind came and blew said dress up.
Every hobo, taxi cab driver, and construction worker saw my underwear.
Let me tell you something friends, it did not look like this:

Fairly mortifying.
Luckily I was wearing bright purple Hanes.
So you're welcome Philadelphia.

Then today...ugh today.

It started off great. I got to go to BJ's Warehouse with my two bosses to buy supplies for Orientation Leader training.

There's nothing I love more than buying things in bulk.
I need 48 cereal bars.
I NEED them.

My first clue that things were about to go awry should have been when there weren't any free samples.
I took that as an invitation to just start breaking things open and trying them myself.
I make my own rules.

Then as I was walking to check out I felt myself falling.
And before you knew it I was on the ground.
I can best describe what it looked like by referring to the scene in "Elf" when Buddy is attempting to get on the elevator:

I landed on my knee so hard.

I bruise like a peach. 
This fall was caused by a huge sudsy puddle that accumulated on the ground. 
Where did this puddle come from?
The man that felt it was necessary to zamboni the cement floor. 

Because when I'm shopping at a place called BJ's Warehouse, I want the concrete to sparkle. 

I was convinced that the day could only go up from there. 
Mainly because I would taking place in "Hoagiefest" at Wawa. 
Anything with Hoagie and fest in the same word has to be good. 

It was. 
You know what wasn't?
Sitting in gum:

Peeling your own gum off of something is gross. 
Peeling gum that has been in an unknown person's potentially trampy grill is vom inducing. 

We went to the gym and I weeped silently as I ran on the treadmill. 

Then when we came home the shower nozzle came off in Robinson's hand sooooo we can't shower. 

If I have dreads in my next post you know the situation has gotten serious. 

It has truly been "one of those days..."
Have you had one of those days lately?
Tell me about them.
Then we can virtually hold hands and commiserate.
Too much? 


  1. God - what a DAY! At least it gave you something to blog about haha ;)

  2. I'm sorry for the horrible, most very bad day but it gave me a belly laughing moment. Which is embrassing b/c I'm at my internship working the front desk! LOL!

  3. I'll hold your hand. It'll all be okay.

    A little tip to make your day better. Make the cheesiest, goofiest smile you can. Take a picture. Send it to me. I'm telling you, it's a recipe for greatness. I'll even feature it in an upcoming post. ;) You'll see why later.

  4. YUP. Mine was Sunday. Was suppose to be home by 4 PM, instead was bouncing around flights and airports until 1 AM because of air brakes, gate changes, inclement weather, lightning alarms, and full flights.

    But you know what, there was free WIFI, and I got through. And learned I was far more patient than I thought.

    Hope you got something good out of your bad day too. :)