Don't blame the Honda...

I love Philly. 
I really do. 
For some reason Philly does not like me. 
Or rather they do not like my Honda. 

I don't know why. 
How could you hate a car with its very own mustache?

Somehow Philly has found it in its heart to seek out and ticket my car whenever possible. 

I got my first ticket in the beginning of June and contested it. 
I got my second ticket at the end of June and paid it. 
Then two weeks ago at the doctors I was 5 mins late to the meter and boom: ticket. 
Then yesterday at 2:19am I got my FOURTH parking ticket. 
They said I wasn't parked 15' from a fire hydrant.
To say I was raging against the machine would be an understatement. 

Why you gotta play me like that?

It has gotten so out of hand that when I call home Tim has started answering the phone, 
"Philadelphia Parking Services"
to which I reply:
"Too soon Tim. Too soon."

It is bumming me out. 
Barb told me I need to "lay off the tickets." 
Trust me home girl.

In other news...
I am proud to introduce my new dog. 
His name is Teddy. 
He's about 5 years old and a labrodoodle. 

Although he will never be Petey
He is still perfect for me. 

I went to meet him today and here's how I knew it was true love:

1. The lady boarding him said he needed to go on a diet because after he eats his meal he samples from the other dogs' bowls. I let her know that he and I are a lot alike in that respect. 
2. I fed him some hotdog and after he got his back scratched went and laid down and promptly fell asleep.
That is exactly what I do after every meal I eat as well. 
What I'm trying to tell you all is that I found myself in dog form. 

I go and pick him up on August 12th and take him back to Harrisonburg with me. 
I think it'll be nice to be able to come home to that face everyday. 

So although I'm sure my car is getting ticketed as I write this post, I have something to smile about. 
A new buddy! 

In closing: If you know of a Philadelphia cop or meter cop or a mall cop at this point that is looking for a date let me know. I'm trying to holler at him so I can slide my tickets his direction after date #2. 
(Yes I'll wait until the second date...I'm a lady after all.)
And I mean if he happens to fall in love with me then you know whatever. 
If you need a picture reference of me for your meter male use this one:

Please & Thank you.


  1. hehe, awww poor Honda :( Stupid meter men.

    I am excited for your new doggie :) He totally looks like a Teddy too! haha.

  2. I feel like the mustache should immediately be a get out of jail free card. Cops in philly must have zero sense of humor.

  3. Umm I love that last picture of you. You sort of look like you have a half Harry Potter and Half Lady James look goin' on. :)

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