It's all about the execution...

I consider myself a crafty person. 
Generally speaking. 
I make bubble letters like nobody's business.

I draw a mean sailboat on my calendar for Columbus Day. 
(I'm aware that's not how he got here...however that is what I can draw. I call that improvising. I also draw a little stick figure with a little thought bubble that says "Land Ahoy!")

Doodles are my real forte. 
If you see me in class, a meeting, or just waiting around I'm probably doodling. 
I am not drawing portraits by any means. 
Usually I draw my name 87 different ways. 
Then I go to my solid #2 drawing
Friendly Godzilla walking amongst tall buildings. 
Not destroying them...walking around and thru them. 
I guess I just believe he was misunderstood. 

Anyway since I revealed I've had the post-summer blues, 
I took fellow blogger, Nikki's, advice and decided to start making projects for myself.

My inspiration to start crafting stemmed from a picture I saw that had my bedding in it. 

Because of this picture I have spawned several ideas. 

I have a picture collage idea.
Then I want to
paint a shelf and then somehow hang it. 
Maybe even refinish a bedside table. 
I'm on a mother flippin' mission.
I want a room like that picture.

And because I've been staring at pictures and websites of how to do these aforementioned things I've convinced myself I can do it. 

However in reality I'm suspicious of how these projects are actually going to turn out. 
Like I said before I usually consider myself to be crafty but when you break it down 
I'm really only crafty in my mind.

When it comes to execution of said craft...things take a dangerous turn. 

Let me give you the run down of how a usual craft project turns out for me. 

1. I see something and think I don't need to buy that! I can make it. 

2. Then I'm all jazzed because I feel like...Martha effin' Stewart. 
No glue gun, safety pin, or yarn knot will defeat me! 
I'm gonna make some STUFF.
From scratch.
Like the pilgrims did.
I'm going to be artsy.
Start an etsy shop.
Do big things! 

3. I go to the craft store with a coupon probably, because after watching one episode of "Extreme Couponing" on TLC I have also convinced myself I have that process down to a science as well. 
I start marching down the aisles looking for my supplies. 
This is when a little doubt sets in. 
Am I getting the right stuff? 
What if I don't get enough of the paper?
What if they run out of that color?
Should I buy 30 even though I need 10 pieces?
I could mess up.
Then I gather my thoughts and say, 

"No Jones, you will not mess up. You are a craft genius. If crafting were a sport I would have a fan club and people trying to tweet ME because of my talents...and good looks..."
Yep. That's me as Buzz Lightyear at the young age of 23.

4. I pay for my items, of course making sure that the cashier rings my 10% of coup correctly. I want to make sure I'm saving. 

5. I get home...and take a nap. Shopping and that ferocious pep talk has really tuckered me out.

6. I regroup and lay out my crafting tools and dive into my project. 

7. I immediately mess up.

8. I somehow glue my fingers together. Even if there's no glue involved in the process. 

9. In cutting fabric, yarn, or paper I've also magically cut a chunk of my hair and now have a half rack of bangs. 

10. I start crying about my hair and the fact that I may not have finger prints on two fingers after I rip them apart. 

11. I look for the hotline number on the back of the Tacky Glue container. I'm going to give those people a piece of my mind when I get my other hand unstuck from my cell phone. 

12. I start sweating. (That's probably higher on the list but I'm giving myself the benefit of the doubt here.)

13. I lay down. 

14. I get up. Gather all crafts supplies into a ball, put them in a bag, put that in the closet. 

15. Sit down and watch a Bridezilla's marathon.

16. Vow to never try a craft again. 

17. Go on etsy and find something else I like.

18. Think to myself...I could totally do that. 

19. Repeat whole cycle. 

It's fairly exhausting but I'm going to attempt the whole thing this weekend. 
Wish me luck. 
I'll update you on the final product. 
It's already touch and go. 

Are you crafty?
I'm happy to know your tips. 

I'm off to stretch and mentally prepare. 


  1. FYI, you have six more of those "bags" of crafts in your bedroom closet. Would you like me to keep them for you for another rainy day?

  2. Awww, don't get discouraged haha. My experience usually was like what you posted. "Pant a picture? SWEET! Paint, paint, stand back.. it looks like I crapped on a canvas."

    Then, I started small, ie my fabric flowers. They are easy to be successful at.. aka I feel like a crafting superstar. Plus then you can build up from that.

    Ps. I wish we lived in the same city. You make me CRACK UP. Love the buzz light year shenanigans. I do stuff like that all the time.

  3. This cracked me up! I'm trying to be more crafty. And I also call it Making Stuff (capitalized, please). The first thing I made was a sleeve for my e-reader. In my mind, it had a flap and an oversized button and a pocket and two coordinating fabrics. In real life, it turned out to be a lumpy, misshapen pouch. Close enough?

  4. Nikki! I wish we lived closer too! I have a feeling we'd get in a lot of trouble! :) Crafty crafty trouble.

    Stephanie! I'm so glad you found the blog and I'm sure your STUFF is awesome. Lumpy just gives it character!


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