Bananas: They're just like us!

I have written about this before but I feel it is important to stress that
I have wanted to be a banana for Halloween for quite some time. 
I don't know why. 
Actually--yes I do. 
Bananas are funny. 
Delish in cereal but also funny.

I have tried on the costume once or eight times twice. 
However, I just couldn't bring myself to spend the 
$20-$40 it cost. 
This is my reaction shot this year when I found out how much the costume was.
Thanks for nothing Target. 

So I went another October 31st without living my dream. 


My birthday month was kicked off right. 
(Yes birthday MONTH...I'm an only child. I get excited)

As I was strolling the aisles of embarrassing things I could dress in to embarrass my best friend Sara...

For example: 


I saw it. 
My banana costume. 
50% off. 
$9.50 friends. 
That's how much this little piece of heaven cost:

That's right. 
It's mine. 
I own it. 

I texted my friend Steve to let him know it was in my possession. 
He told me I only had to wait 364 more days to wear it. 
I told him that if didn't think I'd be wearing it in a matter of 5-10 minutes he didn't know me at all. 
His reply: 
Good point.

Have you ever seen the spread in "US Weekly"- Celebs are Just Like Us? 

It usually shows Katy Perry opening her own car door, Cameron Diaz feeding herself food, Hugh Jackman walking on a crowded street. 
You know what us little folk do. 

I kind of took that approach to the next two hours of my life. 
Let's proceed with my newest feature:

They trick or treat!

They text their friends about being a banana on their iPhone

They watch the "Game Show Network" followed by "Storage Wars"

They help address their best friend's save-the-dates.
(With fantastic penmanship if I do say so myself) 

Before you click the unfollow button, please know that this is one of the dumbest blogs I have ever written. 
And there have been some doozies. 
However, I'm just so excited that my dreams have come true.
And as you can see
I dream big. 


  1. haha I love you and your banana costume :) haha

    please wear it more than just on halloween :)

  2. your banana would go fantastically with my loofah.

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