Listen here Cupid

I've always been hesitant to admit this but here is my confession:
I online date. 
Well kind of. 
I'm on OKCupid (a free dating site) and been on a couple dates. 
(Literally 2)

It is prettttty evident through this blog that I am a total awkward monster. 
For instance one date I forgot my purse. 
But brought everything that goes inside of it. 
That's right I carried my phone, keys, & wallet in. 
I looked like a crazy person. 
Both my hands were full thus making any type of greeting weird.

Carrying it in a hobo sack would have been more attractive. 
Not to mention my stuff kept falling off the booth onto the floor causing me to do that awkward reach where only one eye is showing over the table. 

For some reason things haven't worked out. 
Clearly I have the grace of a princess so I'm not sure why.

The Cupid has this thing called "Quick Match." 
You go through these people's profiles...quickly...and rate them. 
If you give someone 4 or 5 stars they get notified and if someone gives YOU 4 or 5 stars you also get notified. 
Simple enough.
When someone "chooses" you it's a pretty awesome feeling. 

Until the day comes where you wake up with a notification of a Quick Match
and the guy that chose you is dressed as a ninja. 

This is what my life has become. 
A real life version of "Karate Kid."

I'm one cat away from throwing in the towel. 


  1. Girl. I tried OK Cupid and only met CREEPSTERS. I only know like......1 successful relationship from that website. Oh and I already acquired a second cat, so trust me, I've already thrown in the towel hahhaa.

  2. Don't listen to Candace. I have an OK Cupid and it's great entertainment (remind me to tell you the story about the roller skating disco guy...). AND I'm living with one half of an OK Cupid success story.

  3. i think the "roller skating disco guy" story needs to make it on your blog, ashley. it is quite the story!!

  4. whhhhhhhhhhhhhat... that is hilariously creepy!


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