Jan 27, 2012

Pugs not Drugs

In just about every other blog post I talk about my best friend Sara. 
We had the same interview day for our grad program, got into the same school, made a pact to run a 5k together, and the rest is history. 
Typical love story. 

Now we work together for our graduate assistantship:
Bring us your resumes and cover letters...we're real good at fixin' them up right.

We pretty much do everything together. 
We also prank people a lot. 
It's kind of our thing.

Today I sent Sara a story about a reddit user who pranked his little cousin by sending him continuous updates from a "Cat Facts" autobot. 
It went something like this: 

We immediately thought we would prank our friend Shelly who we work with.
She knew it was us right away.
Mainly because I had posted it on Facebook earlier in the day.
(I'm not the brightest)

So we waited and we plotted and we came up with our next victim:
Sara's cousin/best friend & my buddy

She loves pugs.
Loves them.
Even owns two.

So we had our subject and our victim.

Seeing as our first attempt had failed so miserably we were certain we'd have the same result.
However,  about 3 minutes after we sent it from our new alias Rachel posted the following on her Facebook:

We were in.
We soldiered on.

Did it make sense?
Did it make us die laughing.

We proceeded:

Finally when we couldn't breath from laughing we decided to reveal ourselves.
The three of us truly treasure the "Honey Badger"
so we felt this would be our best tell:

Was it a mature way to spend a Thursday night?

Was it incredibly fun?
Sure was.

Also in case you were wondering here's what the process is for a pug to write their local representative:

The end.


  1. Girl, I have a new prank for you. It's absolutely fabulous and I laughed a lot when I saw it done to someone.

    Let's chat!

  2. bahahahah too funny :) love it!

  3. Cute Post.. I enjoyed reading it.