Here's how I know I'm easily distracted

As a lot of you know I work in the Career Center as an advisor.
I'm lucky enough to have a cube that faces a window that looks out on this real cool pine tree.

I stare at it a lot.
Sometimes during appointments.
Sometimes I stop talking to a student because I get so distracted by this one squirrel that is always hanging out in the same spot every day.

I named him Marvin.
I don't know why.

Yesterday it was snowing and Marvin was hanging out as per usual.
Double whammy on the distraction scale for me.

I was doing a resume review, and suddenly realized that I had stopped mid-sentence and hadn't said a word for a weird extended amount of time.
I did the most professional thing I could think of by telling the student:
"Sorry I blacked out for a minute...I was distracted by the....snow..."
Why that student let me continue on with their appointment is beyond me.

 Today I was helping a student make another important life decision: changing their major.
I glanced outside and then did a double take because Marv was very still.
I'm not going to lie I thought my fictional pet was dead for a hot second.
Then I realized he was NAPPING.

Here he is:

It took all the will power I had not to point it out to the student and take a picture during their appointment but I was freaking out on the inside.


I didn't even know woodland creatures took breaks!
The rest of the student's appointment I kept side glancing at the tree to make sure he was still there.
I couldn't miss capturing this precious moment.

When they left I grabbed my phone and took pictures.

I then told my friend Steve what I had seen:

And that is exactly what I did.

You are welcome for the DUMBEST blog post I have ever written.


  1. You totally could have commented on it with your student. I helped her set the appointment up with you! She's great!


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