Here's the sitch Melodddddy Bostic

I'm currently in the pits of graduate school Hell. 
In 15 days my portfolio is due. 
Do they say to use your time wisely and write it over 2 years?
Did I listen?
Ummmm....kinddddddddd of?

So here I am barricaded into my room at Barb & Tim's house writing this dang thing over Spring Break. 
It'll get done as things usually do but that doesn't mean I'm not a tired sweaty mess. 
Not to mention my Weight Watchers plan has gone down the tubes. 

I know you are used to seeing me very put together like so:
  Kidding  this was obviously a fleeting moment...

But for the next two weeks you will find me doing the following on loop:

Professing love to boxes of girl scout cookies: 

Getting into fights with Barb about how much Diet Pepsi I'm drinking, then chug as much as I can before she comes and takes my 2 liters...I mean cans away from me. 
(This literally happened this morning..yes morning...I DRINK DIET PEPSI FROM AM TO PM! GET OFF MY CASE.)

Showing Barb who's boss...j/k she's the boss. (She reads this.)

And in moments of desperation when I'm doubting whether or not I'm smart:

I will continue trying to crack the interwebz code and make this image of cats having a party the background on my iPhone.

 But seriously....I want it. That's a cat holding a cupcake. Come on. Comedy Gold.
Because my friends, as you can see I manage my time wisely. 

Before I go I'd like to share a BEAUTIFUL poem Joe wrote for me:

There was a nice girl,
Who went to JMU.

She'd be pissed if I didn't say,

She is a Longwood Lancer, too.

She is in love with Diet Pepsi,

But don't take it from me.

Over the course of the past twelve hours,

She's had at least three.

Tim McGraw is her boo,

And Adam Levine won't tweet her.

She just wants a nice man,

And not a hill creature.

According to her,

Ryan Seacrest runs Kim K's life.

She won't be first in line,

To be Kris Humphries' next wife.

During the day,

She day dreams a lot.

"What is Peeta doing?

And will Charming and Snow tie the knot?"

HeyTelling is her specialty,

But not for these next two weeks.

Portfolio has taken over,

Causing stress, worries, and tweaks.

But in just a short time,

It all will be complete.

With a diploma in hand,

Her resume won't be beat.

So with a meow to the world,

And a merrrr for good measure.

This is the cheesiest post,

That you ever will treasure.

Clearly I stink at writing poems,

That is easy to see.

Now I'll go sit in the corner,

And think about what ADPi means to me. 

(As he should)


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