I'm back for good this time I promise

Remember that time I told you about that pending portfolio looming over my head so I could graduate?

I completed it.
Let's take a minute to watch me celebrate:

(I'm available for any dance crews that are looking for a fluffy new member.)
I'm still waiting for grades but at this point that weight has been lifted off my shoulders.
In the process of completing that bad boy, I believe I added some weight to my midsection because I literally ate anything and everything in sight.
Seriously...Barb may or may not be missing a finger.
She got too close.

A lot has happened since March 13th.
I won't bore you with too many details but here's the run down...

First and foremost:

Well that literally happened this morning but still big news in my life.
Is it weird that the first thing I did was call Joe?
He thought I had exciting job news...I said "No even better...Adam's single."
And that then I called my mom?
This is my life.

Let's move on...

I tried the Dorito Shell Taco:
It was not all that I wanted and more but I respect the hustle of Taco Bell and would probably eat another one. Because I'm a monster.

I made all my friends take part in my Hunger Games obsession:

I bought a Hunger Games shirt courtesy of Alyssa:

And then I wore it proudly while Joe bought me my ticket and soda for free because I won a bet:

We met the Colonel while in Kentucky for the ACPA conference:
Steve has poor manners.

We went to HillBilly Hot Dogs in West Virginia:
 It was so worth it.

Joe & Steve met for the first time ever:
Their love for me is evident.

We went to the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory:
Casually playing catch...

Sara & Joe met for the first time!:
They love each other...

It's been a really busy couple of weeks.
I'm glad to be back in my own bed.
I've taken approximatley 8 naps since my return last Wednesday.
I'm officially a sloth.

Speaking of sloths, let me leave you with my most favorite video of all time:

And with that I hope you have a wonderful Monday.


  1. I really thought sloths were extinct.... That's what happens when I get my info from animated cartoons (ex: ice age)

  2. Kristin, I'm concerned that you teach children and you thought sloths were extinct.

    Also, Jones, love how intensely you stick your tongue out when you dance. Like you are really f'ing concentrating on this. Haha congrats on being done!

  3. Congratulations on passing portfolio!!!! Glad that puppy is off your shoulders :) (I don't mean there was a literal puppy on your shoulders...because if there was I would've stolen it from you). Also, this post made my Monday.


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