Friday Confessions

 I'm currently in a little limbo right now.
I'm waiting to start my new job soooooo
this means that most of my days are spent trolling the internet, making random observations or just watching tv whilst eating my feelings.
It's really quite attractive. 
Men keep knocking down my door. 
And I'm like 
"Guys...calm down."

Spending all this time with myself, I've come to realize there are quite a few things I need to put out into the universe.
Here it goes:
I personally find the worst character to ever grace TV is Jeff from "Saved by the Bell." You know the one that broke up Zack and Kelly.

Please watch this incredibly cheesy yet heart wrenching break up.

Stellar performance in the clutch by AC Slater and Jessie Spano.
My mom & dad's close friends Kim & Pat gave me stock in Krispy Kreme.
I'm assuming this means I now own all donuts.
Please confirm.
Although Adam Levine remains my # 1of all time. I've realized that I must marry Adam Richman.
That is for one reason and one reason only:
 The man travels around the United States trying the best sandwiches each region has to offer.
Once married our assets become 50/50 thus making half of his sandwich my sandwich.
I have eaten 3 things of chips in dip in 3 weeks. I can't stop.
Also cheeseburgers. I can't stop eating cheeseburgers.
I downloaded the Lisa Frank app to my phone and have been making gems such as this for longer than is appropriate for a 25 year old.

I've not only watched a ton of "Criminal Minds" episodes but also "Tia & Tamera" on the Style Network. So now I think everyone is a suspect and that I have a twin out there that I will one day meet in the mall.

And finally, I can't wait much longer for the people in charge of "Catching Fire" to announce who they cast as Finnick.
Joe and I debate it frequently
 but I think that the best option would naturally be
Taylor Kitsch.
If they pick Garrett Hedlund, as the internet is saying, I will boo
 the entire movie, until I am asked to leave.
Mark my words.
Riggins 4 Finnick please & thank you.

So there you have it.
Yet another peak into the mind that is Ashley Jones.
My apologies in advance.


  1. I just discovered your blog. You are seriously cracking me up. I am sitting at my desk at work, tearing up with laughter and had to tell a coworker some dust fell in my eye and go to the bathroom to pretend I was getting it out. So glad that I found you on this beautiful day that I am stuck in my "dusty" office.

  2. I hear you're coming up my way! Woohoo, and congrats on the job!

  3. You are delightful and wonderful and hilarious and it was I'm not entirely sure which blog I am commenting on since I have now read many, but Saved by The Bell, thank you for the delightful clip.

    Also, please live blog all the shows I love. Now going to scroll through your blogs to see if I can find your reaction the Grey's finale.


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