Totally Truthful Thursday

So my friend Colleen of "The Lunchbox Diaries" has this post called Totally Truthful Thursdays. 
She's pretty cool. 
And because she's pretty cool I decided I would steal borrow her idea and do my own little Totally Truthful Thursday.

Here it goes:

I watched fireworks from a Hooters parking lot. 
 Please do not be jealous of my photography skills. 
They are spectacular I know but please...respect my gift. 

I also ate a cheeseburger
 To be clear not all of this food was mine.

My 4th was what Thomas Jefferson envisioned whilst writing the Declaration I'm sure. 

I saw "Magic Mike" with my mom on Friday. 
It was not as traumatizing as I thought it might be. I mean Barb is cool and we're close but movies about men stripping could've been a "make it or break it" type deal of whether I could ever look her in the eyes again. I know that some people said that the movie had too much plot, but to be honest I loved it...a lot.
 Holy F. 
I want to see the new Katy Perry movie real real bad. 
This needs no explanation. 

I was feeling like a fraud of a blogger because I couldn't do a top knot like my frans. 
But then I learned how thanks to Ashley's baller tutorial
This makes me cool now, yes?
I move next Friday. 

I've been pinning the crap out of stuff on Pinterest for my new apartment. 
I've tried making stuff that I've pinned and have only glued my fingers together 3-5 times. 
What I'm saying is my apartment decor is going to look like I made my 10 month old niece do it. 

I'm thinking about running/exercising again.
I know that may not seem obvious by the previous confession of my cheeseburger consumption but it's true. 
Last week when I was in California I realized how out of shape I was.
 It was fairly embarrassing.
 I realized that I didn't need to be embarrassed anymore and could fix that problem on my own. I've been gearing up for it in my brain and felt that the best way to commit to it was to blog about it.
It's helped in the past and I think it just might help again. 
It's not going to be easy and I can assure you there is going to be a lot of hateful posts
 but I think it's time. 
Don't worry Oreos, we aren't breaking up...we just might be taking a break. 
Starting next week. 


  1. Ugh if only you weren't moving til I come home for a week! I would tooootes see the KP movie with you. And this top knot tutorial better work because I feel like someone with a mane of hair like me NEEDS to know how to do this. The end.

    1. F. Maybe I'll just hang out so we can see it. You are the only one who loved her and Russell as much as me. <3 I think that top knot thing will work. If not you can beat me later.

  2. okay girl. i came across your blog earlier this week because someone posted about how hilarious you are in your bachellorette recaps. now, i don't even watch the show, but i read your recaps and DIED laughing because i love them so much, and therefore told all my friends about it. because they actually watch the show. and somehow they think they love your recaps more than me. which is impossible. basically the moral of this comment = all my friends started posting about the bachelorette episode tonight and how crazy it was. and i'm not going to watch it (since i haven't) but i am already dying to read your recap. please update soon. love you and your hilarious posts. xox

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