Do you ever wonder....

Who would play you in a Lifetime movie?

 Joe & I do all the time. 
Joe is convinced that he should be played by Jake  Gyllenhaal no matter the plot. 
I can see why, as the resemblance is uncanny:

I'm not sure if there's an obvious choice of who would play me.
I know a lot of you are probably thinking. 
Blake Lively. 
 I get that all the time. 

 Nailed it.

But guys, I don't know if it's that realistic. 
Sure we're both blonde bombshells, but honestly I think I'd like to go in another direction. 
Mainly because I don't know if Blake could really capture the gritty nature of my tale. 
Naturally it would be called:
"I'm Sorry You Found me Sleeping in Your Laundry Basket Adam Levine: A tale of one woman's unrequited love."
It's a working title.
Could she really properly portray the emotion in the scene where I'm crying in a payphone booth, not understanding why Adam didn't get why repeatedly calling him from one was hilariously funny. 
You know...because of his song, "Pay Phone."

To confirm for all of you, I am currently writing the hypothetical script of my Lifetime Original Movie, in which Adam Levine finds me taking a cat nap in his laundry basket. 

Moral of this story: Don't write songs called "Never Gonna Leave This Bed," if you don't want a chubby 25 year old to eventually take it literally Levine.

It sets up unrealistic expectations. 


  1. OMG....tears of laughter.

  2. BAHAHAHAHAHA. I just died. That was so funny. Adam Levine is SHMEXY.

  3. If you ever need a partner in crime in stalking Adam Levine, I am so there for you. He is the reason that I watch the Voice. He's so nice to those people! So nice! Nice boys! AHhhhh!!!!!

  4. Seriously, he is magnetic and his songs are so darn catchy.

  5. I love how we got from wondering who would play me in a Lifetime movie to you cat-napping in Adam Levine's laundry basket. Logical progression if ever I saw one!

    I DO love him though. LOVE. HIM.


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