Nov 26, 2012

26 things you may not know about me...

Today is my Golden Birthday. 
I turn 26 on the 26th. 
It's a real thing. 
I swear. 

So I thought in honor of this golden day I would share 26 facts you may not know about me. 

1. I was an extremely photogenic child:

2. I'm an only child. 
I'm sure it was because Barb & Tim knew no other child spawn of theirs could compete with the beauty as seen above.

3. I used to think the song "Brown Eyed Girl" by Jimmy Buffet was a song about a Hawaiian girl. Thus leading me to believe that because I had brown eyes I too was Hawaiian. Barb Jones shut that down real quick.
**Editor's Note: "Brown Eyed Girl" is by Van Morrison not Jimmy Buffet. Thanks to my boo Shannon for pointing that out..."

4.  One time I told my dad it was "Take Your Daughter to Work Day" and it wasn't. Spent the whole day playing Solitaire in his cube though and it was glorious. 

5. My mom has called me "Kitty" my whole life. In fact my 1st birthday cake was a cat. 
Foreshadowing for the future perhaps? 

6. I make mix CDs for my friends like it's 2003.
 I've been told that they are pretty good. 

7. I have my Mom's laugh. 

8. And my Dad's sense of humor.

9. The color purple makes me angry. 
***To clarify it's mainly the color of lavender that throws me in to a hate spiral.***

10. I'm terrified of boats.

11.I'm also terrified of playing charades with a big group of people. 

12. I compulsively download music from iTunes. 
Like I can't stop. 

13. There are only 2 Christmas songs I like:
"Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays" by NSYNC
"All I Want for Christmas is You" by Mariah Carey
14. It is my life's goal to make Adam Levine to laugh out loud. 

15. Tina Turner & I have the same birthday.
And the same legs. 

16. On my 16th birthday I had a party where everyone dressed up like their favorite celebrity. I dressed up as Karen Walker from "Will & Grace."
 My mom hired an Austin Powers impersonator. 

17. This year I had a birthday party where everyone dressed up as their favorite Disney character. 
Steve and I were Carl & Russell from "Up!"

18. I love paying for things in exact change.

19. I kick people in the shin all.the.time.
Mainly these two.

20. I have a personal goal to one day rap the Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez part in "Waterfalls" flawlessly.

21. I sleep with a stuffed dog I've had since I was 4. Her name is Kelly. I named her after Kelly Kapowski from "Saved by the Bell."

22. If I could be any TV character based on their abilities, I would be Alex Mack. Mainly because I'm currently super hungry and would like the mozzarella sticks I'm thinking about right now to magically float where I'm sitting.

23. Sometimes I want to move to Chicago and audition for Second City--to then move to New York and write for "Saturday Night Live."

24. If I'm not eating at a restaurant or at a dinner table, I normally sit on the floor in my living room to eat.I don't know why. 
I just do.

25. When I was 5 I won a bike from a raffle at a Chi Chi's. 
I believe that is why I have such a huge fondness for Mexican food.

26. I love couch naps more than anything in the world.
 Anything. Except for maybe my family, friends, and Adam Levine...and sandwiches. 
I do really love sandwiches. 
So there you have it 26 things you now know, and can never unlearn about me. 
Hope everyone had an awesome holiday weekend!!!


  1. Happy birthday, Ashley! I hope 26 is just as grand as 25 :) P.S. I love your post idea and I may steal it for my upcoming b-day post!

  2. Happy Golden Birthday!! And you should definitely write for SNL, sometimes their skits could use a little more, um, humor.

  3. Happy Golden Birthday! And yes, yes, yes to #23!

  4. Creeping on your blog again, you are so hilarious. You should totes audition for second city and write for SNL, just sayin

    1. You're always welcome to creep over here! That sounded really creepy in itself.

  5. Happy birthday, Ashley! #23 - you totally should...I laugh way harder at your blog than I do @ SNL. #24 - Must be a 25-26 year old thing...I did that too. I would sit @ my coffee table with my food all splayed out before me watching real chefs cook real food that surely tasted better than my refried bean and cheddar cheese burritos.

  6. I love all your posts and you literally make me laugh out loud! You are truly amazing and are destined to be famous :o)

  7. You crack me up! I hope you've had a fantastic golden birthday!!

  8. Hope you had a wonderful Birthday, your blog cracks me up every time, thanks for sharing!

  9. Happy happy birthday to you!
    I liked the waterfalls personal goal..... some of my proudest moments have been rapping ice ice baby at my wedding reception and whomp there it is at my brother in laws wedding :-)

  10. The phrase "golden shower" has ruined the phrase "golden birthday" for me but your post , as always, is wonderful. Hope your birthday was as well. Have a great year.

  11. Happy Birthday Jones! 26 excellent things!

  12. i pee-pee laughed all the way thru. you are the next-generation lemon. please continue being awesome and a very happy birthday to you!!!

  13. Happy golden birthday!! Thanks for cracking me up and making me smile at the end of the day.

  14. Happy Birthday! Love reading your posts :)

  15. Happy Birthday! That picture of you and your friend as Carl & Russell IS PERFECT. Brown Eyed Girl is Van Morrison, silly, not Jimmy Buffet. I only know because I kinda think I miiiight like Jimmy Buffet more than Van Morrison (even if most might think that's blasphemy). You could totally write for SNL, no. doubt.

  16. I adore this, and I hope you had a wonderful birthday. Also, can I steal your idea and do 25 things for my 25th? Say yes.

  17. Happy birfday! Hope it was fabulous. Care to share a playlist or 2?

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