Vegas Round Up

It's been a week since my last post, and there's a solid reason for that.
Stalking Catherine and Sean takes up a lot of my day.
Kidding...or am I?

A couple weeks ago I mentioned I was going to Vegas so I thought 
I'd give you a little trip wrap up.
I know y'all were dying to know what happened while I was there.
So hold on to your pants because some outrageous things happened. 
I am lying. 

I gotta say I'm not the Vegas type. 
I spent the first night eating sandwiches and trolling the city for milkshakes with my friend Cover. 
When we finally found one up to snuff we each ordered one for ourselves. 
Apparently they were meant to share but instead I walked home alone drinking a milkshake for two.
I didn't hate it. 
Not one bit. 

I went to the fountain show at the Bellagio each night.
How can you turn down "My Heart Will Go On" set to choreographed water fountains?
The answer is that you cannot.

I really broke it down during the chorus.
Everyone around me was super impressed and not at all too drunk to notice.

I, of course went to Cesar's Palace and quoted Alan from "The Hangover," because I'm original and a dude.

I also had an all you can eat buffet experience like none other.
Many of you know that my idea of a good time is sitting in front of a never ending plate of food.
By the end of my 2 hour eat-a-palooza I'm pretty sure I felt my heart stop twice and blacked out from meat sweats no less than 5 times.

I tried to keep a consistent theme when I went up to the food troughs however by the end I had meatballs, hamburgers, and pancakes.
I was drunk on food.

It was also apparent that Vegas will make a slot machine about anyone/anything:

Back to the food.
I ate a cheeseburger, literally every day I was in Vegas.
I went to a Gordon Ramsey restaurant called e...twice
Each time it was magical.
I also took a ride in a cab to IN & OUT Burger with my friends.

It was delish.

We did experience Coyote Ugly while we were there.

We had a ton of water thrown on us and while I didn't mind having to clean off my glasses every 2-3 minutes, it did turn into an unintentional wet t-shirt contest for me as I was wearing a white shirt. 
You're welcome for that image. 

My biggest regret is not going to see Thunder Down Under.
And after reading Kelly Jo's comment:
I don't know if I've had a bigger regret in my life.
I'm sorry I failed you Kelly Jo.
I'm so sorry.

Overall it was a really fun trip.
I loved seeing my friends in a new place.
Although I didn't get married, get a face tattoo, or turn into a woman of the night, I had a great time.
It is nice to be home though.
I have been practicing pinterest hobbies like how to do a sock bun.
Nailed it.


  1. Please tell me you're going to watch DWTS. Sean is all sorts of awkward gold and we all know he's gonna be kept around until America starts hating bulging biceps, which is approximately never. I’m not a DWTS fan, but something has got to hold us over til Des.

    BTW, I'm pinning your sock bun. You so nailed it!

  2. Now I want a cheeseburger. It is only 8:26 am.

    Side note: when you started this blog did you ever think that one of your biggest fan bases would be that of the Catholic/Christian mommy blog world? Thank you social media :)

    1. I did not imagine that but I'm so glad y'all found me!

  3. Argh. Don't you hate lifelong regrets? Now you HAVE to go back to Vegas and check the Thunder skin. And of course, obtain trade secrets that you can than report back to all of blogland. The burger's looked eh since I'm not a beefer but those pancakes!!!! Are they red velvet?? Are they? Are they?

  4. I so wish you'd gone to Thunder Down Under, because I've never been and I'm sure your report would be quite enlightening.

    And I've yet to attempt any hair styles I find on Pinterest, since I haven't been able to master any of the scarf-tying tutorials I've tried from there. Apparently my skills are just that unimpressive.

  5. That's it. We're gonna have to take you back to Vegas. I'll pick up Grace and her kids in St. Louis on the way. Hopefully people won't think it is awkward if we go see TFDW with four babies in tow.

  6. I am dying at your sock bun attempt (mine have turned out like that too hahahaha....Pinterest makes it seem way easier than it is).

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