Apr 3, 2013

As many of you know....

I'm some what of a hair expert. 
I shared with you a couple weeks ago my awesome sock bun:
It was truly a masterpiece. 

Alright so maybe I lied....but what I do excel at is looking for hair tutorials to make my locks shine bright like a diamond. 

The Blogher Network saw my need for an immediate hair intervention is a great place to check out those hair tutorials. 
Especially the one below that teaches you how to make a sexy, loose bun.

Now I know when you think Jones you think sexy hair all day errrrryday but this looks like something I could definitely try to accomplish. 

My arms may get a little tired because I have the upper body strength of a baby deer but still this looks totally manageable! 
I was also shocked by the fact that you could use hair wax to get rid of your baby hairs. 
Excuse me while I run to the store so I can take care these fly aways that make me look like I have a lion's mane.

An extra cool piece about that video...if you watch to the very end you have the ability to enter a pretty sweet sweepstakes with really awesome prizes. 

So make those buns...work that up do.

Sweeps rules:
Prizes & Promotions page on Blogher.com: