May 1, 2013

Roll Out

I know some people aren't the craziest about sponsored posts but I promise that I wouldn't put something up here that wasn't cool. 
Swear on Adam Levine. 

I've been trying to work on my hair game. You know trying to make this luscious mane of mine appealing to those around me. 

I want to again blame my current hair sitch on the fact that my arms resemble that of Chris Farley and have a hard time holding them above my head for long periods of time. 
You can see my predicament when all I really want is long curly princess hair courtesy of hot rollers. 

This video below makes it look super easy. 
So easy that I may in fact dust off the cobwebs on my set and try it out. 
Watch the video all the way to the end so you can learn how to enter yourself into the sweepstakes!

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