Sep 23, 2013

7 Quick Takes: Let me updatechu

Linking up with Jen in spirit!

For any one who works in a college setting they know that August/ September are pretty much banana sandwich. 

That being said....August and September were NUTS. 
There were days were I'm pretty sure I didn't sleep but merely closed my eyes for an extended blink and hoped to Saint Oprah that there was a REM cycle involved somehow. 

But I'm back in action on this bad boy! 

So I thought I would give you an update about what's happened since I've been gone. 

Did anyone just roll into scream singing the chorus of a Kelly Clarkson song?
Just me?

Let's move on. 

1.  I am obsessed with vines. Not making them but watching them. 

I can't tell you the number of times I've watched this one:

2. Or this one: 

3. Or this one: 

4. I had an amazing time this summer overall with summer staff and my work wife MacKenzie. 
As you can see I'm very professional. 

5. I also spent probably the most fun & exhausting two weeks with my RAs for this year and I think we're gonna get along just fine: 

6. Via my frequent twitter stalking I have found that they have started filming the Bachelor. 
Soooooo.....I will be scouring the internet for the scoop. 
I was also thinking that each week (to keep me fresh) I think I'm going to recap a few other shows.
So far I've got New Girl, Scandal, & Parks & Rec, maybe the Voice?
 Because they aren't super long it may be just a quick little jam after they air but we'll see. 
I like TV and writing about if you have any recommendations that would be great. 

7. oh.....also. 
I got a dog. 
His name is Doug. 

 If you follow my instagram you will notice that I am milddddly obsessed with him. 

He's 2.5 and a beagle corgi mix. 

I got him about a week & a half ago and we're pretty in love. 
I want to go ahead and apologize in advance because I'm probably going to become that dog lady. 
I've come to peace with it. 


  1. OMG, I love your DOG!! So cute! I would LOVE if you recapped the voice please. We can obsess over Adam Levine's greatness together!!

  2. I didn't think any Vine could match the hilarious randomness of the book-and-kitten one. Then you posted the prancing pony, and I was proved wrong.

  3. The Voice recaps!!! It's a must :)

  4. Becoming that dog lady is waaaaaaay better than becoming that cat lady.

    What about the Mindy Project? I watched a couple of episodes last fall and thought, "meh" but I got hooked a couple of weeks ago and binged on a whole season's worth. Now I can not get enough.

  5. Those first two vines are killing me. Haha I love it! And your dog is so cute!


  6. So glad you're back! What a little love Doug is!!

  7. Why of course I would never comment on any blog ever unless asked for a TV recommendation. It's like I've been waiting, lurking on blogs, and finally my expertise is needed. :) Once Upon a Time. It's more of the TV drama variety, but I feel like there's some excellent Jonesy fodder there. (And it's my favorite show, so adding in your recaps...that would be the cherry on top of my week).

  8. Dear God I love the pony vine. Glad you are doing well!!

  9. OMG recking ball kitten sooooooooooo funny