27 for 27

Today is my birthday. 
This isn't a ploy to get "Happy Birthday" comments although I will accept them graciously. 

I love birthdays. 
Not just mine. 

It's a day to celebrate you being alive. 
Granted you should probably being doing that everyday but
your birthday is the ONE day dedicated to you. 

I know there are birthday curmudgeons out there who think birthdays are lame but they're not so get over it.

They're awesome. 

Technically we should also probably be celebrating our moms because after all...they did all the heavy lifting. 

Note to self: Eat all cake given to me today in Barb Jones' honor. 

After all I was quite the butterball alien turkey.
Barb claims I am beautiful in this picture. Tim says this is the first picture with "Ted"

This year I'm 27. 
Lately I've been feeling this urge to be more of a grown up. 

Some might say that judging by the night gown and body language of the picture below I've been a Golden Girl since I was a toddler. 
First name: Ashley Middle Name: Blanche

I would counter your argument by saying that I in fact am very woman-child like as I recently ate Cheetos and diet Pepsi for breakfast, I don't understand taxes, and lock myself out of my apartment weekly.

So in my quest in late-20 adulthood I've made a list of 27 things I want to do while I'm 27.
I didn't want to bore you with more things you may not know about me a la last year

1. I want to travel somewhere new by myself. I will however alert everyone where I am at all times in case I run into a "Taken" situation. Hopefully y'all have a certain set of skills.

2. Take a cooking class. So I can learn how to cook stuff other than tacos.

3.  Drink fancier beer. Apparently when someone asks you what you like to drink Miller Lite is no longer acceptable. 

4.  Watch the news more. Right now the only news updates I get to my phone are from E! It's time for me to not only know Joe Biden as Leslie Knope's crush on "Parks & Rec"

5. Watch Frasier. A lot of smart people I know watch this show and really like it. So why not?

6. Eat more fruit and vegetables. Gone are the days of me telling people I don't believe in them. I've been told they are not witchcraft so I'll give them a shot. 

7. Take long walks.

8. Read more. Not necessarily just fiction or non-fiction but just more.

9. Go to a movie by myself.

10. See more theater shows. 

11. Listen to more various kinds of music. Except jazz. It gives me anxiety. 

12. Try something new every time I go to a restaurant. 

13. Learn a craft really well. 
Imma be a crocheting machine this year folks.

14. Watch classic movies.

15. Understand what living on a budget means.

16. Send snail mail.

17. Travel via car places & stopping to take in little things I usually pass by. 

18. Write more.

19. Blog more.

20. Take a graphic design class.

21. Take a sewing class.

22. Be more patient.

23. Take advantage of the fact that I live in a city and explore more.

24. Eat at home more.

25. Stay organized for more than 30 seconds at a time.

26. Go to bed earlier so I can wake up earlier.

27.Go to the dentist every six months like they tell me too even though I hate it with a passion. 

At the end of the day, and by the end of my 27th year I also recognize that I'm really lucky. 

I have friends, family, and a dog that make me feel great every day. 

So maybe I don't fold clean clothes for days, and maybe I throw Tupperware away instead of cleaning it, and maybe I forget to wear a coat until I'm already outside....but I have people who have helped me up after I've tripped or fallen into a trashcan a la Kady Herron in "Mean Girls," for 27 years and I'm so happy they'll be around to stumble with me through the next 27.


Plus your suggestions on how I should spend this next year are always welcome.


  1. Happy birthday, Jonesy! Thanks for blogging!

  2. I love Frasier. I watch it with my mom sometimes. But recently I started watching "Friends" from the very beginning and it is still just as funny and so damn relevant. I suggest that as well!

  3. Happy, happy birthday!!!! Youtube has been my best friend for crocheting ... thank you, old ladies, who put up video tutorials.

  4. I'm glad blog more is on your list, because you always make me smile. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  5. Happy day! YES to #19. Number 27, not really so important. Maybe every few years. Maybe.

  6. #19 is my favorite! I don't know you at all but Grace (at Camp Patton) got me hooked during the Bachelor (I think Sean season?--ovaries weeping and all that) and so I check every day to see if you have a new post. You are so talented! Cie Cie

    P.S. I also make birthday resolutions, but cannot claim to have achieved adulthood even though I am a bit past you in years

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