100 days of blogging: Day One

You know those bloggers that write every day and you check it 
 because it's always entertaining?

That's what I've always dreamed of being able to do. 
I've made promises to myself to write more! be more creative! do stuff and things!
Then I just end up sitting on my couch watching Netflix marathons with Doug. 

"Look into my eyes...repeat after me....'I will sit here forever watching "Bones" with Doug.'"
Not a bad life, but much like the Little Mermaid, I wanna be where the people are. 

So in an effort to make that happen I'm going to be blogging for 100 days straight. 
I was inspired by my frangs who have been doing those 100 days of happy photos. 
I can't guarantee that I'm going to blog about only happy things but I will.do.my.best.
Heaven only knows how terrible 98 of them are going to be. 
Because my list of what to write has about 2 ideas on it. 

This could be great. 
This could suck a lot... 
This could last 3 days. 
But now it's out there and if I quit I look like a huge fartbag. 
And no one...I mean no one digs that. 


  1. I would just like to say: I am so flipping excited about this!

    (and I found you through Camp Patton, who I am also obsessed with)

    1. Camp Patton is the coolesttttt. I'm so glad you're excited. Hopefully I don't decide to take a nap instead of blog for the next 99 days!

    2. I think you should do both. 100 days of napping and blogging! Make Doug carry his weight and write them while you nap.

  2. I am so flipping excited too! I found you through Camp Patton too! I personally would like to hear more about Doug. What does he do all day?? Day in the life from his perspective?? Are you one of those people who takes him places, like for doggie ice cream and stuff? Have you ever considered getting one of those fake service dog vests from the internet so he could go anywhere and no one could question the validity of his service?? Just a thought....

    1. That fake dog vest idea is awesome. I have thought about it a lot. I would take him everywhere. You have given me gold Jamie. Gold.

  3. 1.) That fake service dog vest idea is genius
    2.) I can't wait for this.
    3.) I'm gonna make this today's picture for my #100happydays
    4.) Want me to write you prompts?

    1. 1. Right? Jamie is the smartest.
      2. eee!
      3. I'm honored to be your picture of the day
      4. I always want you to write me prompts as they are the best.

  4. I am ALL about this, Ashley. All about it.

  5. This is the best news. EVAH. It's good news for my feedly but actually bad news for my time management. Will you take TV recap requests? Inquiring minds must know. What do you watch besides the Bachelor? You could make anything entertaining.

  6. I've been checking to see if you've had any new posts up, and this promise of posts has me giddy.

  7. Can't wait. Will be the highlight of the next 99 days!

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