Happy Birthday 36th birthday Jess!

 If you know me in real life, you always hear about me talk about "my best friend Jess." 

She is Beanie's mom, and well...my best friend. 

The truth of the matter is: she's the closest thing to a sister that I have. 
When we were in second or third grade I invited her to my birthday party because I thought she was so cool. 
I thought she was so cool, that I asked my friend to ask her if she would come. 
I don't know if I was trying to make her my bff or date her, but she ended up attending my 8 year old gala and ever since I don't remember a time she wasn't in my life. 

I always say that Jess is the smartest person I know. 
When we were in the same class in 5th grade she helped me with fractions. 
She also always let me have her Ticonderoga pencils because she knew they were my favorite. 
Damn straight, you're the best.

We played with the same cash register every day until we were probably 24 and continue to do so now since it was passed down to Leila. 
our most prized possession...like we'd grab it in a fire.
She loves filling out forms as much as I do. 
We both could eat Mexican food for days. 

But more importantly, I don't know what I would do without her. 
She's the person who loves me like I'm family, when she doesn't have to. 
She includes me in her life in a way that makes me feel incredibly lucky. 
Jess lets me be an aunt to Leila, an experience that doesn't come real easy to an only child. 
Jess loves me at my craziest, supports me when I need it, and has no problem letting me know when I'm an idiot. 
She speaks her mind in a way that I admire, but am always glad that I have her on my side, because she can be real scary. 

Happy birthday Jess!
Love you to the moon and back, and I don't know what I would do without you. .
Thanks for always telling me what being older looks like before I get their in November. 
You're the best looking 86 year old I've ever met. 


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