Bravo! I've missed you so...

100 days of blogging is going to have a few gaps obviously because well it's me and I'm flighty.
Last night I was thinking about things to write about, because I really want to blog as much as possible. 
But again...the flighty thing. 
Here's what happened last night. 

Let me start from the beginning. 
My name is Ashley and I love a lot. 
When I moved to Filet the cable we got was....less than stellar. 
Like we only got Bravo after 8pm, otherwise is was CSPAN-2 from midnight to 8pm the next day. 
The struggle was real y'all. 
To be clear, we also have CSPAN 1 - 8 as well. 
Why Bravo couldn't be 24/7 is beyond me. 

The fuzzy signal was a whole other can of worms that I can't even begin to talk about. 
Let's just say that ABC came in real fuzzy and I had stand with the cable cord over my head sometimes in an effort to be able to watch the "Bachelor." 
I have been living on the Oregon trail of television and it has been awful. 

I have random people's log in for HBO and Xfinity. 

Recently we got a cable hook up where I can watch real time TV with PERFECT signal on my iPad. 
The best part? 

So last night I got sucked into a "Flipping Out," "Million Dollar Listing," and Real Housewives trifecta that I couldn't turn away from. ! 

I'd talk more about the glory of the episodes, but "Scandal" is on so I gotta beat cheeks outta here and see what Olivia is up to. 
Imma recap the crap out of that finale. 


  1. I love Bravo and well my TV to a dangerously embarrassing degree. That reminds me! I should probably be watching something right now!

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