Apr 14, 2014

Doug...the best in the world

I don't know if I've ever mentioned this before but....I have a dog...named Doug.
He's essentially the light of my life. 
Sure he eats all of my chapstick
Ate one of my DVDs
Ate a pair of my favorite shoes
Pees when he's excited
Pees when he's not excited

Pulls all of the cushions off the couch to make a personal dog bed
Yanks my arm off to chase what he thinks is a squirrel but is really just a plastic bag
Seeks out clean laundry to sleep on
Ate a fortune cookie but mysteriously left the fortune.
His lucky numbers were: 47 36 21 14 5 in case you wanna play those bad boys.
Ate a pretzel out of my hand earlier today...

He's the best little dude ever.
He's always super pumped to see me 
Would be happy if I didn't go to work all day and instead rubbed his belly for 8 hours
Is friendly to just about everyone he meets...
excepts the squirrels...and birds...and some dogs but mostly everyone.
And he does this:

Why am I writing about him?
Because at the end of a semi-crummy day I'm glad that I come home to his big dumb face.

Plus who doesn't love a post about a cute dog?