East Coast Update

Today I was offered a Cinnabon and turned it down. 
I'll be in a bikini by Labor Day for making that sacrifice....

In all honesty since posting a couple people have reached out about their own struggles in weight loss and it has been hella helpful. 

Mainly because I'm tip toeing around any formal diet plan right now. 
I feel like I get so obsessed or overanalyze everything I do when I'm on a formal diet. 
Maybe that's just an excuse I tell myself to not fully commit, but so far I'm down 3 whole pounds. 

I'm light as a feather. 

In all seriousness, I've been trying to be more conscious of what I'm doing.
I try not to eat 3 square Thanksgiving sized meals a day, but I also recognize that I haven't been to the grocery store in forever which means I don't have as much control as I would like.
The vending machine outside my office is not filled with snap peas and hummus/pretzel thin packs.
I also find myself anxious to cook new foods.
I'm the queen of taco night errrry night but luckily, Allie sent me a bunch of cool recipes.

Yeah that's right, Allie is helping me.
We may be in a "competition" but mainly it's cool to know that I have someone to email about what I'm feeling about jank.

She also signs her emails to me,
"From Heaven,
So that's the definite best.

She also recommended that I read "It Starts With Food."
I'm going to check it out.
Hopefully I'll be able to stay entertained, without pictures of "who wore it best," but I'm sure I'll manage.

I do feel better most days.
Sometimes I do feel guilty if I eat ice cream, or pizza.
Like you all will see me in the streets and throw tomato sauce on me like PETA does with red paint to people wearing fur.
But from your emails that I've gotten and have loved remind me, that it's not going to be easy.
It's a process.
It takes time.
It sucks.
But it's worth it, and that I can do it.

Keep those emails coming, and if you feel so compelled, let me know if you want to write a guest post.
Just know that I take forever to write back.
And babble A LOT.

I think sharing about struggling in general can help build people up and to blast them out of their grump tunnels, or snap them out of their frito hallucinations.
I know this post is becoming a little cheesey (delish) so I'll end by saying,

Thanks for being great.
Thanks for reading this blog.
Thanks for letting this be an outlet.
And most importantly,
Thanks for trusting me with your stories.


  1. You got this girl. I'm proud of you!

  2. Um, her email sign off is the best.

  3. Keep at it!!! Don't be too hard on yourself and be proud of your bravery and sharing!! You got this!!


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