Mar 19, 2015

March Madness

As a lot of you may already know, I work in a university setting. 
I'm constantly surrounded by cute hoodies, and sweatpants, t-shirts, and hats that scream team spirit. 
I love it. 
All of it. 
If I visit a different college campus or a friend gets a job at another university, I make a beeline for the bookstore during my first visit. 
College swag is my favorite. 

I'm wearing some now as I write this post. 

To be honest I never went to a ton of sporting events at the schools I attended. 
I didn't even really start getting in to college basketball until after I graduated.
Mainly because of my best friend Steve.
Tailgate Dancing....standard.
I believe his words were, "I will make you like college basketball."
Please don't tell him, because it will only boost his ego, but he was right. 

March Madness is about to be in full effect and I'm pumped about it. 
I pick my bracket less by the colors of the teams I like, and more about what I know about the actual team. 
What I'm telling you is that I should work for ESPNnnnnoknotreally. 

I plan on watching a lot of the games, and have always struggled with being able to pull off a fashionable ensemble for game watching. 

Recently this awesome company, Lillybee, reached out to help me be a little more fab and a little less "chicken wing eating contest chic" and provided me with some ADORABLE flats that will help me root for the team I like the most, the UVA Cavaliers. 
I know you're probably thinking: 
"Jones, what if they get knocked out it the first round?"

No biggie. 
The bows are clips and I can switch over to be Syracuse's number one fan. 

I love a lot of things about these flats: 

1. They are comfy as all get out.
I have the flattest widest feet ever which makes shoe shopping a real treat. 
When these arrived I was moonwalking around my apartment, they were so comfortable. 

2. I can wear them with a dress, if I'm going to watch the game at a local bar right after work. 

3. I can match them to my favorite UVA shirt and a cute pair of jeans, if I'm going to watch at Steve's house...or the closest place that has 38 televisions and delicious appetizers. 

Then when they win, I can commence my gloating moonwalk around him, in public, or not.
Doesn't really matter...he'll be irritated either way.

Lillybee doesn't only sell flats to rep your school, they sell wedges, rain boots, and carry clips that represent your sorority

This company is amazing--I mean Oprah featured them in her magazine. 
And everyone knows I roll with this philosophy:


Tell me--what team do you have winning the "Big Dance" this year?
What colors would you probably rock? 


  1. I don't think being a Syracuse fan would get you far this year, since they're banned from the tournament. ;)

    Mine would be red and white for Nebraska! Last year they made the tournament for the first time since 1992, but no such luck this year--perhaps we are commencing another 22-year wait. :p

  2. Those shoes are AWESOME!!!

  3. did you go to jmu!?

    1. I did! For grad school! :) #godukes

    2. so cool! i live in philly too (not sure if you still do) and went to jmu for undergrad! woot goooo dukes!