Making it snappy...

Hello my favorite Bachelor loving people. 
This week I did something a little different. 
I took copied an idea from my girl Grace and decided to snap my way through my rewatching of the episode. 
You can see my in all my glory here: 

To be continued....

Some notes: 
I found out how to add captions to videos...I'm now Steven Spielberg. 
Please address me as such. 
Also it lags a little bit so just push the little tracker ahead and it will continue to play the video. 
That's the film director technical term for it. 
Next week I'll be back to a regular recap but I'll be recapping through Snapchat too!

video via
please don't sue me.


  1. Dun Dun DUN!!! Can't wait to see the awkward parade continue next week.

    In other news, your snap was as spot on as your typed out recaps :)

  2. Just some random, but this format doesn't create the same level of comedic impact that I've come to enjoy. There. I said it.

  3. I agree. I appreciate that you're trying out new formats, but I would miss your writing if all your recaps were like this.

    1. Agree. Love the video approach but your writing is even better!

  4. I haven't watched your recap yet; I was just watching The Bachelor while doing dishes, and when Olivia said, "I want to talk smart...things," you were the first person I thought of. So I paused the show and came right here to tell you that I am grateful I can turn to you and your witticisms in the show's most painful moments. Thank you.


  5. i like the screen caps better than the snaps. But way to try something new :)

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