Looks like we've made ittttt

Well, tonight is the night. 
You remember in "10 Things I Hate About You" when Bianca said that she liked her Sketchers but loved her Prada backpack...

Tonight we find out who is Ben's Prada backpack. 

I'm really thinking it's Lauren B. 
However, if it's not Jojo, Ben might need to change his name and burn off his finger prints because her brothers will hunt him down and kill him. 

I'm not going to recap last week's episode because
I normally don't watch the "Women Tell All."
I get embarrassed easily for people that I don't know...and that is just a greatest hits of everyone's missteps. 

Not to mention it looked like a lot of the twins yelling at Olivia. 
I'd rather be watching wrestling. 
That may seem like a joke but...it's not. 
I usually watch "Monday Night Raw," after "The Bachelor" every week. 

Much like Jubilee....I'm complicated. 

Anyway, I'm excited for tonight and I'm hoping that the "After the Final Rose" isn't too terribly uncomfortable. 
But if Harrison has anything to do with it...
it will be. 

Who's got Jojo?
Who's got Lauren B? 

Tweet with me tonight! 

And just to get you warmed up for tonight, check out Cecily Strong's imitation of Lace from this week's SNL. 
It's magic. 


  1. The Lace thing is the best. I am also excited for your tweets!

  2. God bless Cecily Strong. That video was beautiful.

  3. Are you going to recap the finale?

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