Just another panic at the disco...

Like all episodes this season, we were left with a cliff hanger and not a rose ceremony.

The last time we saw Nick, he was wandering aimlessly through St. Thomas figuring out if he was going to be successful in finding love. 

But after doing some soul searching, listening to Panic! at the Disco, and talking it out with Chris Harrison on the beach, he came to the conclusion that he was having real feelings for the women who were left. 

The women were all so relieved to hear it, and even more excited when they found out they were going to Bimini! 

As the women prepared for their week, Corrine mentioned she was the only one left that didn't have a 1:1. 
I was taken aback by that, seeing as it feels like we've seen her so much. 
She was hopeful that this was her week, and that she would finally get sushi and 1:1 time with Nick...and a yacht. 

Instead when the date card arrived, it wasn't Corrine's name, but Vanessa's. 
Corrine takes it well. 
And by well I mean she vents about how all Vanessa talks about is how she's an Italian special needs teacher. 

Vanessa says that she believes that she and Nick have a special relationship and that she's ready to tell Nick that she's falling in love him. 
She's positive that he's going to say it back. 
See what you did Ben Higgins. 
You made girls think that was normal.
How dare you. 
Jk love you, hope you're well. 

As they get on a boat, all of America clutched their throats in fear, hoping to all that was holy that Vanessa didn't get sea sick. 

The day date was all about snorkeling. 
If you have ever watched a "Dateline" episode, you know that when a loved one takes you snorkeling there's a 50/50 shot Keith Morrison is going to be narrating your death. 

So while it is not my ideal date, I was glad to see they had such a good time. 

At dinner, Vanessa said that she was falling for him, and Nick replied with, "I like you....a lot."
He said that he only wanted to say that he loved someone once...and wanted it to be special. 
Say it a million times. 
Just find someone. 
Now you've got Vanessa all worked up. 

He didn't send her home, but did send her back to the house with a lot of concerns. 

Nick had a group date with Raven, Christina, and Corrine. 
They swam with sharks. 
Again another date that was not made for Ashley Jones to enjoy. 
I've got a few rules about sharks and the ocean. 
1. I don't dive into waves because I'm afraid I'm going to dive into a sharks open mouth. 
2. I always keep at least one person in front of me when standing in the ocean, because if they get pulled down first then I can start running...for help.
3. I know I look delicious to sharks, so I'm going to keep a healthy distance. 

Corrine seemed to have very similar fears. 
She even asked if the sharks were toothless. 
Christina replied, "Sharks have 3 rows of teeth." 
She's always been the soother of the group. 

Raven thinks it's fine if the other two are afraid, because sharks smell fear, and she's not afraid. 
She gets it. 

In the evening, Nick tells them that this is the only date that he'll be giving out a rose, guaranteeing a hometown visit.
Corrine proceeds to freak out even more. 
And when Corrine freaks out...she eats cheese. 
A lot of it. 

While Nick did seem to have very meaningful conversations with Raven and Christina it was pretty clear he did really like having Corrine around. 

Raven ended up getting the group date rose, and was super excited for Nick to go to Hoxie. 
Corrine decided she needed to take things into her own hands, and show Nick her sex abilities. 
You know because: 

God. Bless.

When she shows up to his room, he offers her a drink and they start making out. 
She takes him into his room, and when she thinks she's sealed the deal, he tells her they need to slow down. 
Corrine leaves feeling like she blew it. 

She proceeds to sit on the couch freaking out through the next two 1:1s, while people cycle through to tell her she's ok. 

The last two dates were with Blonde Danielle and Rachel. 

BD was so happy to have another 1:1 with Nick.

While their date was cute it seemed very forced. 
There is no doubt that BD is probably an actual angel but for some reason...she fell flat. 
Nick told her that he didn't see a future with her. 
Right after she told him the last time she felt something so strong for someone they died. 

She was ultimately heartbroken. 
Watching Blond Danielle cry can probably be compared to watching something happen to a dog in a movie. 
Not cool. 
Not cool at all. 

When the producers got her bags, the women were stunned. 
They couldn't believe someone so sweet was gone. 
From her spot on the couch, Corrine took it as a sign that she was next. 

Rachel's date was last and she was perfect as usual. 
She was open with Nick and told him that she was excited for him to meet her family. 
She told Nick

As they sat and talked, the bartender joined them and told Rachel, 

"Make sure this guy really needs you and not just wants you." 

If you need me, I'll be doing an "Eat, Pray, Love" voyage to find that man so he can give me more wise advice. 

Rachel and Nick end their date, and she goes back to the house super pumped. 

Nick goes to catch up with Chris Harrison and tells him that there is one person he has love for but doesn't believe it's fair to have them go through a rose ceremony and be humiliated in front of everyone. 

Naturally everyone thinks, it's Corrine but
when he walks in the house, and asks where PRECIOUS CHRISTINA IS! 

Ok, he just asked where Christina was, I added the precious part. 
Because she is. 
Nick tells her she has love her but doesn't see it going to where it is with other women. 
The look on her face when she realized that she was being sent home was so sad. 
Maybe even sadder than Blonde Danielle. 
It seemed like they had a real thing going on. 

When I realized she was going home and that Nick wouldn't be coming to her hometown of Lexington, KY I was filled with a little rage. 
APPARENTLY, Nick was too good to come to Kentucky. 
You know the home of Bourbon. 

Also I live in Lexington, KY and I could have really used a sit down to hash out some questions I have. 

His "stronger" relationships aside, it was so sad to see her go home. 
Last week it seemed like she was in position to be the one that went far. 
Now, she's probably drying her eyes with a glazed donut. 

With the way Nick is sending women home, I predict that we've got like 2 episodes left. 
Who knows if they're even going to do a "Women Tell All..." 
He probably sent them all home...again. 

What are your thoughts? 
What hometowns do you think we'll see? 
Do we meet Raquel? 

Let it out in the comments! 

While you're mulling it over, let's also be the happiest in all the land that Rachel is the new Bachelorette! 
Sure it's weird af that they announced it when she's still on the damn show, but thank goodness! 
She's going to be amazing. 
No objections from me. 
Get it? 
Lawyer joke.


  1. It's weird to me that Corrine is still there. They have chemistry, but he seems like he's matured a lot, and she doesn't ooze maturity. Maybe he sees a lot of himself in her (or he'd like to...).

    I'm not surprised Danielle went home; I thought she might go home after the last group date they were on. I was pretty blown away though that Christina was sent away though. They seemed to have a great thing going.

    We know Rachel is the next Bachelorette, and Vanessa seems too needy for him. At this point I think Raven is the one he ends up choosing, despite her being so young.

  2. I like Raven--she's too good for him. I think he is going to pick Corrine because he hasn't really changed. Paradise was him acting, all previous Nick versions were the real Nick.

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