Well that escalated quickly

Week 6 taught us that even if there isn't any crying in baseball there is actually quite a bit of crying in volleyball. 

It also gave us a final reminder as to why Taylor is the pits. 
The week prior, Corrine and Nick sped off into the sunset while Taylor remained on the island and joined a coven. 

Through that new bond of sisterhood, they empowered her to go back and confront Nick. 
She had two things she needed to say:
1. She's not taking it anymore
2. Corrine is a liar. 

As she was making her way to the confrontation the women seemed zero percent surprised that Taylor was the one to go home. 
They didn't even seem pissed. 
Probably because getting constant advice from someone that has vocal fry is exhausting. 

As Taylor walked in, you could tell Corrine was very confused as to how she got there. 
Part of me believes it's because that she thought Taylor now lived on that island forever. 

Nick agreed to go outside with her and talk. 
I'm not sure if her mission was to be brought back or just speak her mind. 
Mainly because when you tell someone to,
"Openuh youruh eyeballsuh..." you're not really sounding genuine. 
Nick said that he appreciated her swimming back from Sand Witch Island, but that there wasn't a connection. 

From there I think Taylor sprouted dragon wings and flew home. 

Up next was the cocktail party and rose ceremony...
or so the women who had so much to tell Nick thought. 

Instead Nick knew who he wanted to send home. 
And even though my love for runs as deep as the waters that sharks swim, Left Shark Alexis was sent home. 
Be free little buddy...be free...

Other people left too but I couldn't see who. 
My eyes were closed as I was singing this to Alexis

The remaining women were swept away to St. Thomas. 

Christina was given the first 1:1 date of the week. 
Her and Nick had awesome chemistry and overall really conversations. 
It was so sad to hear about Christina's life in Russia. 
Her story about living in color was so moving. 

He gave her the rose and they were off to dance while a bunch of people danced around them.
So many twists and turns. 
Literal twists and turns.
Especially when dancing...

Woof that was a rough one. 

Blonde Danielle, Jasmine, Vanessa, Corrine, Rachel, and Raven were all on the group date. 
Almost immediately Jasmine started talking about how she had never had 1:1 time and was tired of not getting the attention she deserved. 

When the women all started playing volleyball, they're calm, laid back game...
 turned into a literal sob fest so fast. 
It escalated so quickly that I can't really even tell you where it went wrong. 
Sure Corrine wanted to take a nap. 
And yeah, Jasmine pushed her down.
Of course, Vanessa left because she was fed up with competing. 
Blonde Danielle got distracted by a flock of birds who were helping put her hair up in a ponytail and the other woodland creatures that generally find her. 
Raven and Rachel seemed ok...just maybe were upset because everyone else was? 

In the evening the women, still upset from that strong gust of angry wind, continued to talk to Nick about why the day had been so hard. 
Jasmine on the other hand...well....Raven said it best: 

Jasmine said she would NOT be overlooked by Nick. 
In fact, she was so mad. 
So mad that she wanted to punch him in the face. 
So mad that she wanted to punch him in the face AND choke him. 

Finally getting some alone time with him, Jasmine decided it was time to let him know how she felt. 
Nick hadn't given her a chance and she wanted to just choke him. 
And then she asked, "has a girl ever given you a chokie before?"

If this show was filmed like "The Office," I'm pretty sure Nick would have looked at the camera like this: 

Nick tells her that he's sorry she's upset but that it's gonna be a no from him. 

She then says in the van that it's because she wasn't given a chance, and that she didn't think it was going to work for Nick. 

Some might say she thought he would choke...

Still here? 


The next date was another 2:1 with Brown Hair Danielle and Whitney. 
Who's Whitney? 
She's the one who's not Astrid, and has been quietly lurking. 

BHD (Brown Haired Danielle) was convinced this date was just a formality because her and Nick had such a good relationship. 

Whitney was terrified that she wasn't going to be there for very long. 

Nick brought them to an island via helicopter. 
Because when a formula works (a bed in the sand a la a Faith Hill music video + leaving a girl alone to cry) it works.

After talking to both of them, he determined that Danielle made the most sense to keep. 
So they hopped back on the 'copter and flew to dinner. 
Update on Whitney: She's totally fine. 
She's got the hang of island life now...
Really doing well...knows how to light a fire. 
She's even found someone. 
It's a tree...she doesn't know that yet...but she's happy so that's good. 

The next 20 minutes felt like forever. 
Mainly because it was Danielle giggling thru awkward silences and telling Nick how glad she was that dancing was their thing. 

It's a lot of people's "thing" but fine sure...

Vanessa has barfing. 
Corrine has sleeping. 
Raven has rollerblading. 
Blonde Danielle has Gus Gus. 
Christina is friendly. 
Whitney....now has a sweet island home. 
Rachel is perfect always. 
So I guess, dancing is fine for you, Brown Haired Danielle.   

As she drones on and on about how happy she is with him, and how she feels like she's falling in love with him, he rubs her hands in silence. 
It becomes pretty clear to everyone in America that he's getting ready to break up with her. 
It's not until, she's in the actual van, that I believe she knows she's going home. 
He tells her that he wishes it could be her that is THE one, but she's not. 

After that he goes to the women's hotel room and tells them that he's having a hard time and doesn't know what he's going to do. 

He leaves them to wander aimlessly and we're left to think that this could be it...he's walking away. 

Well bye then.  
Don't come back. 

Except do come back because I need to know how this damn thing ends.


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